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Blood Donation Day 2022

Donating blood is not only about saving the lives of people in need, but also benefits donors to reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of heart attack. Today, the Ashton Hawks team went to The Hong Kong Red Cross Donor Centre for blood transfusion. During the Covid, the blood inventories have been depleted to low levels, indeed, each of us in the society comprise as a whole, take action to “Share Love, Embrace Care”, Let’s aspire to inspire!

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    Spend ‘TIME’ to enjoy life

    【Hublot & Ashton Hawks】Ashton Hawks co-hosted an event with Hublot, inviting our VIPs to have a private viewing of the latest collection. Thank you Hublot and our VIPs for sharing an evening with the collection and presentation of the perfectly fit outlook. The event was a big success while our members enjoyed a relaxing and fashion-conscious Thursday evening. And don’t miss out on our brilliant events and opportunities in the future!

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      Real Estate v.s. Stocks – Which has better returns?

      property investment

      property investment

      Pandemic has destroyed the global economic environment for over three years. With the continuous rise in the number of people vaccinated globally, the economic environment is expected to recover very soon. This is a good opportunity for investors to evaluate their portfolios. Real Estate and Stocks both are mainstream investment tools for investors. But there are some investors who are bearish on the property market, saying that it is not a good time to invest in properties while some even think that buying stocks is better. Is it really better to invest in real estate than in stocks? Without further ado, let me explain it to you!

      There are some Hong Kong investors who never invest in local properties because the returns of investment are not attractive for them. Most buyers may apply for a mortgage to invest in property, the annual rental yield is calculated based on the full-paid property. Which means the return is probably higher than they predicted. Obviously, some investors ignore the appreciation return.

      Is it better to invest in real estate than in stocks?

      It cannot be denied that the threshold for buying stocks is relatively low and investors can enter the market with only a few thousand dollars. However, the stock market is easily affected by external factors, such as company prospects, market trends, industry prospects. Besides, the stock market is fluctuating. However, there are stock enthusiasts who say that if you buy a rising stock, the capital will be doubled. Even so, investors need to spend a lot of time and scheming which is not easy to buy stocks to get rich.

      Investing in property is relatively stable

      Although investing in real estate is not a 100% profitable deal, it still has a lower risk than buying leveraged stocks. Briefly, the real estate market is relatively stable even in the bear market. The overall decline in property prices will only fall by 10% to 30% which is not as leveraged as stocks. The investors will not lose everything. In addition, the property is a real asset and is less affected by inflation. It is not as easy to manipulate the property market as it is in the stock market.

      Some people think that buying the property with leverage is a risky move. However, the risk of investing in a property is limited in reality. As long as investors can still pay the loan on time when property prices fall, banks will not liquidate their positions.

      Risk of stock market leverage is much higher

      Investors with low capital may borrow money to buy stocks in an effort to create more wealth, while borrowing money to buy stocks is called “financing.” Once the stock price plummeted, the investor could not bear it. When the stock falls to a certain level, the brokerage will require investors to re-deposit money, which is called “maintenance margin”. If investors fail to deposit money in time, the stocks they originally held will be forced to sell.

      Perhaps you still insist that stock market leverage is more profitable, but stocks generally have only two or three times leverage. Securities banks may provide a higher leverage, around five to six times, but at the same time with high interest. Investing in a property is completely different. Investors can choose to undertake a 90% mortgage and leverage 10 times. Also, investors can pay $200,000 down payment to invest in a property which is valued at $2 million

      Comparison of investing in real estate and buying stocks


      Property investment 

      Buying Stocks





      Lower and property will not be liquidated.

      Higher and stock will be liquidated.





      Increased in small proportion

      Increased in larger proportion

      External factors

      Less susceptible


      Property prices in Hong Kong are the most expensive in the world. It is not easy to invest property in Hong Kong. However, investing in the stock market is too volatile and time-consuming. What if you still want to invest in property? Investors may turn their attention to overseas areas. The property prices in some areas are not as high as imagined. For example, in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. Their local property prices are about HK$2,000,000 or below, which is much cheaper than Hong Kong property. Since Southeast Asia is mostly a developing country, the appreciation potential of buildings is higher than that of Hong Kong.

      Learn more: Overseas Property Projects

      What is “Property Leverage”?

      Most people apply for a mortgage when they invest in a property. Some people have a bad feeling simply looking at the word “Loan”, that associated with “Debt” immediately. There are actually two different kinds of “Debt”, good and bad. If you just borrow money from the bank to buy items with no appreciation potential, it is called “Bad Debt”. If you are buying items that have the potential for appreciation and can create wealth for you, it is called “Good Debt”. In addition to the rental return yield, investing in property also has an appreciation return. Therefore, borrowing from the bank to invest in property belongs to Good Debt as it can create wealth.

      Speaking of Property Leverage, let’s take a property valued at HKD 2 million as an example. The investor will pay 40% of the down payment which cost $800,000. The rental income can be set off against bank contributions, and after three years the property is valued at $2.5 million and the property has appreciated by 25%. If the investor resells the property, based on the original principal of $800,000, the profit is over 62% and the return is quite high.

      What if only rental returns were considered? Again, taking a property of HKD 2 million as an example. The owner borrowed 60% of the down payment which cost $1.2 million. Assuming the interest rate is 4%, the payment term is calculated as 20 years and the monthly payment is about $8,700. If the rental income is more than $8,600, excluding miscellaneous expenses, the owner will spend an extra $100 per month. Looking at the cash flow calculation alone, there is no return at all.

      That’s why investors are willing to apply property leverage! At the same time, it is explained that investing in property does not only look at the rental return while the appreciation return is also the income of the investor. If investors intend to buy overseas properties, they should invest in areas with high potential for appreciation. If you are not familiar with the overseas property market, you are welcome to contact overseas property agents. They are more closely aligned with local realities and can carefully analyze the return on investment and property appreciation for you.

      Taboos for Property Investment

      Real estate generally has a good return on investment , as it can generate ongoing passive income, however, you may need to bear the risk too. While pursuing higher returns, investors should make decisions carefully. They have to consider various factors and plan for the worst. Some may invest wrong in properties because they committed the following taboos.

      Taboo 1: Lack of research

      The Asia Financial Crisis in 1997 caused many investors to lose a huge amount of money in property investment. They are still unconfident in the property market and are worried about repeating the same mistakes. The investment mentality is very important, just like the investors who have lost terribly recently are all chasing the market in 2018. It is utmost important to observe the market reaction, especially when investing in property. You have to get extra attention when everyone foresees a good property market, while when the market atmosphere is calm, it may be a perfect time to enter the market when no one dares to invest in the property.

      Taboo 2: Excessive leverage

      The most feared thing for property leverage is overestimation on their loan capacity. The worst case is you cannot even pass the stress test after applying for a mortgage, you are then forced to forfeit the down payment given. Never underestimate the stress test, as it is not a must for everyone to apply successfully for a mortgage!

      Taboo 3: Without making any comparison 

      In recent years, it is often said that properties in Hong Kong Island, near the subway or with invincible seaview have higher return on investment. However, developers may have over gauged the future property value to make it more appealing, indeed, when investing in a property, you are suggested to make more comparisons and evaluation on your own.

      It is true that investing in property has a relatively stable return. Although the entry fee is higher, the return earned is often higher than expected. Investing in real estate is different from buying stocks. Nonetheless, they can also be leveraged for investment, but it can make investors lose their money in minutes. And even if property prices fall, as long as investors can continue to make contributions, banks will not liquidate their positions. If you plan to invest in a property, don’t just follow the market trend. Generally, not everyone can make a profit in property investment. Whether to invest in properties or buy stocks, there is no 100% guaranteed yield in investment, so investors must do good in risk management.

      If you have plans to invest in overseas properties, but you are not familiar with the overseas property market. Ashton Hawks is founded by a group of senior property investment experts which provides professional real estate consulting services to investors who intend to invest in overseas properties. At the same time, Ashton Hawks will formulate a diversified real estate investment portfolio for reference in order to provide customers with the latest property information to help customers seize every opportunity.

      Ashton Hawks also conducts regular property investment seminars which allow clients to keep abreast of market overview, real estate trends and legislative changes. Looking for professional investment property advice? Welcome to leave your contact information and let Ashton Hawks answer your questions!

      Disclaimer:The information, text, photos contained herein are provided solely for the convenience of interested parties and no warranty or representation as to their accuracy, correctness or completeness is made by Ashton Hawks or the sellers, none of whom shall have any liability or obligation with respect thereto. These offerings are made subject to contract, correction of errors, omissions, prior sales, change of price or terms or withdrawal from the market without notice. Information provided is for reference only and does not constitute all or any part of a contract. Ashton Hawks and its representatives work exclusively in relation to properties outside Hong Kong and are not required to be nor are licensed under the Estate Agents Ordinance (Cap. 511 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to deal with properties situated in Hong Kong. Digital illustrations are indicative only. *Rental yield is projected by the agency and not guaranteed by the developer.

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        Guide to Buying UK Properties with Mortgage



        Britain, Canada and Australia are popular places for Hong Kong residents leaving the city. Since the British government announced the “BNO 5+1” immigrant visa policy, the number of immigrants to the United Kingdom has continued to rise. Britain is an international financial center. Many foreign-funded enterprises have taken root here. If you plan to move to Britain, don’t miss this article! We will introduce the process of buying UK properties and the procedures on applying for a mortgage.

        Property Buying Process in Britain

        The process of buying UK property is similar to Hong Kong, but the procedures and laws are different. Therefore, many Hong Kong people choose to hire an agent to assist in completing the transaction of buying UK property. A step by step guide will show below see it can help you to avoid unnecessary losses!

        Step 1 – Searching UK property

        There are off-plan properties in Britain, but it doesn’t have key dates for it. Only the expected completion date based on the current season will be shown. Overseas or UK real estate agents will come to Hong Kong to hold trade fairs to promote UK properties. Existing buildings are more popular in the market as buyers can move in immediately after purchase. Therefore, the property prices of such British properties are relatively high.

        Due to the restrictions of the epidemic, Hong Kong people may not be able to fly to the local area for viewing. However, investors interested in buying UK properties need not worry. Since reference show units or models are available at the fair. Buyers looking to buy a second-hand UK property can browse the UK property website, view photos of the property or view it in virtual reality (VR). If necessary, you can ask the agent to conduct a remote video real-time inspection of the building.

        Step 2 – Signing the “Sale and Purchase Agreement” and paying the deposit

        If the buyer has chosen a UK property already, they have to sign a “sale and purchase agreement” with the owner or developer and pay a deposit. The deposit is about 1,000 to 5,000 pounds. If buying a second-hand British property, the buyer can try to make a bid and negotiate the price with the seller. After the two parties have negotiated the price, the buyer can immediately sign  “the memorandum of sale” with the seller. Then, entrust a lawyer or agent to start the sale and purchase procedures. Buyers who intend to buy a second-hand UK property can also hire a real estate appraiser to make a detailed structural and architectural report on the property.

        Step 3 – Apply for a mortgage

        Before undertaking a UK property mortgage, the property needs to be appraised. The appraisal will directly affect the approval result of the loan and the loan-to-value ratio. Buyers of first-hand British properties only need to hold a “reservation letter” to apply for a mortgage from the bank. While buyers of uncompleted properties can apply for a property mortgage 6 months before moving in. As for second-hand British property buyers, they need to hold “the memorandum of sale” before you can apply for a mortgage.

        Types of UK Property Mortgage

        There are two types of mortgages, namely fixed-rate mortgages and variable-rate mortgages. The mortgage repayment plan has both capital & repayment mortgage and Interest-only mortgage. According to market statistics, one-third of the owners choose the Interest-only mortgage plan.

        Fixed Rate Mortgage

        Fixed-rate mortgage means that the payment will not change with the increase in the interest rate of the Bank of England within a certain period of time. Generally, the fixed-rate mortgage is two to five years. The bank will first charge the buyer “arrangement fee” and “mortgage fee”. At the end of each fixed interest period, the buyer has to pay the above mentioned fees again. After applying for a fixed-rate mortgage for 3 years, buyers can re-select a new fixed-rate mortgage plan or choose a variable-rate mortgage.

        Variable Rate Mortgage

        The interest rate of a variable rate mortgage is determined by Bank of England’s benchmark interest rate. When the bank raises interest rates, the benchmark interest rate will be raised and the real estate interest rate will be raised simultaneously. If you choose a variable rate mortgage, the interest rate may increase or decrease with the economic environment and resulting in different payment.

        Interest-only Mortgage

        Regardless of whether they choose a fixed-rate mortgage or a variable rate mortgage, buyers can also choose to pay interest only. Interest-only mortgage only applies to rental properties with investment components, and the mortgage-to-value ratio must also be tightened by 5% compared with the original regulations. Buyers only need to repay the interest on the monthly payment. In order to maintain sufficient cash flow, some owners may choose to apply for an interest-only mortgage.

        UK Property Mortgage Term

        Generally, Hong Kong people can undertake up to 70% of the mortgage, and the mortgage term is mostly 20 years. Most UK property mortgage plans only accept sterling payments, and Hong Kong owners are exposed to exchange rate risks in disguise . At the same time, the Bank of England will conduct a stress test for buyers to raise interest rates by 2%. The monthly contribution of the owners shall not account for 50% or more of their income.

        In fact, many UK banks have a mortgage term formula. It is based on the retirement age minus the age at the time of contribution. If a buyer applies for a mortgage at age 30 and retires at age 60, the maximum payment term is 30 years. However, most mortgage applicants have a repayment period of 20 to 25 years.

        Banks providing UK property mortgage services

        HSBC, Bank of China and Bank of East Asia can apply for UK property mortgages. However, the three banks only provide mortgage applications in some UK cities, with a maximum mortgage-to-value ratio of 80% and a maximum payment period of 30 years. The mortgage conditions of these three banks are different. Compared with UK banks, the threshold for applying for UK property mortgages through local banks is higher.




        Annual Salary


        Mortgage-to-value Ratio

        Payment Term


        England & Scotland


        Live in / rent out


        25 years

        Bank of China

        London, Birmingham, Manchester


        Live in / rent out

        Live in – 80%

        Rent out – 75%

        30 years

        Bank of East Asia

        London, Birmingham, Manchester


        Rent out


        20 years

        Stress Test 

        Buyers who apply for UK property mortgages through local banks must pass the stress test. The exchange rate of sterling is included in the risk of overseas property purchases by the HKMA. Therefore, buyers who apply for UK property mortgages through local banks will be more difficult to pass the stress test. Some buyers rather choose to apply for a mortgage from a local bank in the UK, and their buying conditions will be more flexible than those in Hong Kong.

        Applying for a mortgage through a UK bank mainly depends on the contribution-to-income ratio, and the UK bank will increase the mortgage interest rate to hedge risks when applying for a higher income ratio. The income ratio has been difficult to pass. In addition, British banks will also pay attention to contributors’ expenses and debts when approving. Buyers can first review their own expenses when applying for a mortgage, but British banks will not review the credit database for mortgages, commonly known as TU.

        Learn more: Provide professional services

        Step 4 – Sign a formal sale and purchase contract and pay the down payment / deposit

        When the buyer successfully obtains the mortgage approval for the property, the down payment can be made to the developer. At the same time, buyers of second-hand UK properties can pay a deposit. The down payment of a first-hand UK property is about 10% to 30% of the property price. Some buyers may also be required to pay before applying for a mortgage. For second-hand UK properties, the deposit is around 10% of the property price. The buyer must pay the deposit to the owner when the contract is signed. Deposit will be forfeited if the buyers terminate the contract. 

        Step 5 – Delivery of possession

        Owners who buy off-the-plan properties may be required by the developer to pay part of the property price 6 months after signing the contract. Therefore, buyers should pay attention to the payment time specified in the sale and purchase agreement. After the project is completed, the lawyer will notify the buyer to conduct a building inspection and inform the exact delivery date. On the day for delivery of possession, the bank will remit all the mortgage loans to the developer and the entire process is completed.

        The Costs of Buying UK Property

        The cost of buying a UK property is divided into two major parts, namely the daily expenses when buying a UK property and after buying a UK property. There are 6 major costs when buying a UK property, including stamp duty, lawyer fees, survey fees, arrangement fees, agency fees and real estate agency fees. There are five major expenses for daily expenses after buying a British property, including ground rent and maintenance fees, municipal tax, personal income tax, property management fees and building insurance.

        Costs when Buying UK Property

        The fees included will fluctuate due to market factors and legal influences. The stamp duty will be charged at a rate. The following list is for reference only, if you want to get the latest information, please contact UK property agent!

        Stamp Duty

        Charged at the rate of property price

        Lawyer Fee

        around £1,500

        Measurement Fee

        around £200 to £500

        Arrangement Fee

        up to £2,000

        Agent Fee

        around £500 to £800

        Real Estate Agency Fee

        around £1,000-£4,000

        Stamp Duty

        The UK government will charge stamp duty to each property buyer based on the value of the property. Properties under £125,000 are exempt from stamp duty, while the tax rate for properties over £125,000 ranges from 2% to 15%. 

        Property Price (£)

        First-time Buyers

        Next time Buyers

        < 125,000



        125,000 ~ 250,000



        250,001 ~ 500,000



        500,001 ~ 925,000



        925,001 ~ 1,500,000



        > 1,500,000



        Daily Expenses after Buying UK Property

        The table below will list the daily expenses of UK property owners. The price will be affected by local policies. If you want to get the latest information, please contact  UK property agent!

        Council tax

        The council tax is to be paid annually.  It costs about £1,500 to £2,000 a year for a general property. If the property is rented out to a tenant, the council tax will be paid by the tenant.

        Ground rent

        Buying a property in the UK requires an annual landlord rent of around £400.

        Personal income tax

        If the UK property purchased is for rental purpose, the buyer is required to pay personal income tax on the rental income. Non-UK citizens pay personal income tax on 20% to 45% of their annual income, while UK citizens can enjoy an allowance of up to £12,500.

        Property management fees

        If the UK property is for rental purposes, a management fee must be paid to the property management company. It is about 10% of the monthly rental income.

        Building insurance

        First-hand property will include 10 years of insurance. If it is a second-hand property, they need to buy building insurance which costs around £100 to £500.

         The Major Cities in UK

        The five major cities in UK are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cambridge and Oxford. London, Birmingham and Manchester are hot spots for Hong Kong migrants to move in. Why are these cities popular?


        London is the largest city in Britain. The local per capita income is the highest among the five major cities, with an annual salary of £38,429. Investors who plan to buy British properties in London have to bear the high prices at the same time. Property prices in central London are even more catching up with Hong Kong. The overall property price is about £72 million.

        There are 33 boroughs in London. “Zone 1” to “Zone 6” are divided according to the local railway and “Zone 1” is considered to be the core area. If you do some research on UK properties, you will find that West London has the highest property price as this area is made up of financial industries and administrative offices.

        East London is described by locals as an area with poor security. However, locals have gradually changed their minds after the 2012 London Olympics. Also, the new subway line “Elizabeth Crossrail” built by the government is opened this year. The development of the Canary Wharf business district is becoming more mature. Many developers have begun to plan the development of this area. 


        Birmingham is the second largest city in Britain. It is located in the south-central part of the United Kingdom. Birmingham and London are 1.5 hours away by train. The British government has included Birmingham as a “big city plan” and hopes to make Birmingham one of the 20 largest cities in the world by 2030. In terms of population ratio, the proportion of local Chinese is quite high, accounting for 3.2% of the local population. In addition, the transportation hub is complete and there are many Chinese restaurants. Thus, many Hong Kong people choose to move to Birmingham. Among the overall British properties, Birmingham property prices are cheaper than London, with the overall local property price of £200,000.


        Manchester is located above Birmingham and is the farthest from London. It takes about 2.5 hours to travel to London. However, the proportion of local Chinese is the highest in the UK. Manchester’s property price is similar to Birmingham. It is about £190,000. However, the rental returns of Manchester City are considerable and the pre-tax return rate is as high as 4-5%. Therefore, many Hong Kong people will buy their first British property in Manchester.

        In terms of transportation, Manchester has benefited from the development of the second high-speed railway in the United Kingdom which is more convenient to travel to London. There are 5 universities in the city, among which the University of Manchester is one of the “red brick universities”. According to the survey, 65% of British students successfully have a job after graduating. It means the local housing demand has increased accordingly. On the other hand, the average annual salary is about £31,338 which ranks the third place among these 5 cities. 

        The above cities are the most popular places for Hong Kong migrants. Is your own British property located in the above cities? Click here to know more about UK properties.


        Cambridge is located in the north of London, more than 80 kilometers away from London. The world famous university – Cambridge University is located here too. At the same time, it is one of the top five cities with the largest Chinese population. Cambridge’s property price is trailing behind London, with an average property price of £470,000. Some well-known companies such as Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are located in Cambridge’s Science and Technology Park. More than 1,500 technology companies are located in the area which attracts many foreign talents to work. As a result, local housing demand has risen. With high demand and limited supply, it explained why the property price is expensive here.


        Oxford is located in the upper left of the United Kingdom, more than 70 kilometers away from London. It takes about 1.5 hours from Oxford to London. Luckily, the M40 expressway connecting Birmingham and London will also pass through Oxford. It is one of the top ten safest cities in the UK. The property price in Oxford is similar to Cambridge,  around £470,000. Many immigrant families may consider moving here as many high-ranking public and private primary and secondary schools are located in this area.

        Learn more: Introduction to UK properties and regions

         Property Traps

        Trap 1: The unfinished business of British property projects

        Off-plan property only has the estimated completion date and It only provides the year and quarter. This issue has often caused uncompleted projects to occur. Developers have been delayed in handing over the properties and the completion date has fallen significantly behind. Buyers of uncompleted properties should note that only the “Long Stop Date” in the contract protects the buyer. It is usually 12-18 months after the expected completion date. The developer will hand over the property during this period and the buyer will not receive any compensation. Therefore, buyers who buy off-plan properties should plan for a longer time.

        Trap 2: Is the agent/developer with a good reputation?

        Developers often use the deposit of off-plan property buyers as the construction cost, while some small developers pre-sell without obtaining government approval. In case the developer’s asset turnover is not efficient, prospective buyers need to bear the risk on their own. Therefore, we suggest buyers choose some reputable large-scale developers.

        In addition, buyers of UK properties should note that real estate agents selling UK properties in Hong Kong are not regulated and do not hold any licenses. Therefore, buyers should do some research about the agency before making any decisions.

        Trap 3: Guaranteed Return

        There is no guaranteed return on any investment and buyers should not be misled by these words. If the developer sells the real estate on the condition of charter, the developer will actually outsource the leasing to the charter company. Once the charter company goes bankrupt, the buyer will not be able to pursue it. In the charter conditions, the tax payable by the buyer is not included in many cases, so there may be some unknown fees in the middle. If the buyer intends to entrust a charter company to rent out properties in the UK, it is recommended to choose a charter company regulated by the government.

        FAQ about Buying UK Property

        What documents do I need to apply for a UK property mortgage?

        UK mortgage property applicants are required to provide British Citizen or BNO Visa identification documents, address proof, three-month bank account statement and proof of first cash bank records.

        What income proof documents are required to apply for a UK property mortgage?

        Applicants for UK property mortgages must be employed persons and provide a pay slip for the last three to six months. Also, a letter from the employer to prove the applicant’s income.

        What is “Freehold” and “Leasehold”?

        Freehold is owned by the owner forever. They can choose whether to sell it to you together with the property. Certainly, properties with freehold ownership are generally more valuable.

        Leasehold is mainly divided into 90 years and 120 years. The holder is required to pay ground rent and maintenance fees every year. There is a risk of repossession of the land when the lease term expires.

        What is the “Help to Buy Scheme” ?

        Help to Buy Scheme allows British citizens and people with legal residence visas to pay a 5% down payment when buying a home for the first time. The British government will provide 15% to 40% of the housing loan and the buyer will not pay interest for the first 5 years. Rest of the loan amount can be mortgaged by the bank. This scheme is only available for first-time buyers or replacements. The property price is capped at £600,000.

        Britain is an international financial center, and people from different countries come to work to develop their careers. The population flow is quite high. In addition, the British government’s “BNO 5+1” immigrant visa policy has made many Hong Kong people consider immigration again. It undoubtedly increases the demand for housing in the United Kingdom. Buying a property in the UK will be a good choice whether you live in the country or invest for rent.

        After a detailed explanation, I believe you have a deeper understanding of the process of buying UK property and details of applying for a mortgage. However, the above information is subject to change with UK policy and market factors. If you want to keep abreast of the latest UK property information, please leave your contact information and let us send you the latest UK property information!

        Ashton Hawks is founded by a group of senior property investment experts which provides professional real estate consulting services to investors who intend to invest in overseas properties. At the same time, Ashton Hawks will formulate a diversified real estate investment portfolio for reference in order to provide customers with the latest property information to help customers seize every opportunity.

        Disclaimer:The information, text, photos contained herein are provided solely for the convenience of interested parties and no warranty or representation as to their accuracy, correctness or completeness is made by Ashton Hawks or the sellers, none of whom shall have any liability or obligation with respect thereto. These offerings are made subject to contract, correction of errors, omissions, prior sales, change of price or terms or withdrawal from the market without notice. Information provided is for reference only and does not constitute all or any part of a contract. Ashton Hawks and its representatives work exclusively in relation to properties outside Hong Kong and are not required to be nor are licensed under the Estate Agents Ordinance (Cap. 511 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to deal with properties situated in Hong Kong. Digital illustrations are indicative only. *Rental yield is projected by the agency and not guaranteed by the developer.

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          Exclusive VIP night on Gucci Latest CNY Collection

          Ashton Hawks co-hosted an event with Gucci, inviting our VIPs to have a private viewing of the latest Gucci CNY collection. In celebration of the Lunar New Year, different versions of the tiger define a curated selection of ready-to-wear and accessories—highlighting the multifaceted nature of the Gucci universe. Thank you Gucci and our VIPs for sharing an evening with the collection and presentation of the perfectly fit CNY outlook.

          The event was a big success while our members enjoyed a relaxing and fashion-conscious Tuesday evening.

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            Team Building – Hiking

            In the autumn season, Ashton Hawks deliberately held a team hiking activity, the destination is the famous West Buffalo Hill. The 5-hour hiking fully demonstrated the team spirit from each of us. With supporting to each other and surpassing multiple peaks, we successfully reached the “Sky Window” and took pictures as a memento, recording the results of your hard work!
            Iin the future, there will be more and more exciting activities to share and public events for you to participate as well, and every team member will continue to work hard for providing property investment advise and services!

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              Top Sales of The Year 2021

              Congratulations to Ms. Hailey Lui for winning our company’s Top Sales of The Year. Her outstanding performance has been well recognized by everyone. Apart from Hailey, may we also take this opportunity to express our greatest gratitude to all Ashton Hawks colleagues for their prominent contribution throughout the year. Though it is a tough time in 2021, we are literally thankful to all our valuable customers for their ongoing support and trust. 

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                2021 Annual Event

                It was fabulous to notice that the company’s 2021 Annual Event had been successfully held on 14th Dec. During the meeting there were countless exciting moments including team building, presentation award, dining session, etc. Not only Hong Kong colleagues participated in this festive meeting but also our co-workers from Vietnam joined it by Zoom.

                Undoubtedly, the lucky draw session brought the event to its climax. Congratulations to every colleague who had won prizes and we look forward to meeting you all in coming year.

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                  Vietnam Properties is rising during the Pandemic, take more attention on Da Nang





                  Golden Emperor執行董事及合伙人任亦行表示,在疫情中,越南股市及樓市表現秀麗,不少資金留在內循環,令胡志明市第一郡樓價按年升近6.8%。早前越南樓市受惠於中美貿易戰,再加上不少全球頂尖的企業將生產線由中國遷至越南以分散風險,帶動該國的經濟於疫情下仍然錄得不俗增長,而中產人口冉冉上升,刺激優質住宅需求,河內及胡志明市樓價逆市「破頂」。






                  發展商:外資設廠 刺激住宅需求

                  峴港位處於越南最中心的沿海地段,乘飛機到河內或胡志明市兩大主要城市均只需約1時10分鐘,而前往香港約2小時航程,峴港的三大產業,包括旅遊業、製造業及船運業。發展商Filmore集團主席Danny Nguyen表示:「峴港的三大產業推動經濟之餘,亦帶動人均收入增加,令中產人口近年不斷上升。再加上不少外資於當地設廠,如LG及Fujikin等亦在峴港設立研發基地或生產線,外籍僱員大增,刺激峴港市中心優質住宅的需求。」

                  Golden Emperor首席執官賴遠方說:「峴港未來將會有不少大型基建,最矚目的是計劃中的峴港至海安鐵路,耗資金額達20億美元,現在處於工程招標階段,通車後將會鞏固峴港為中部交通樞紐的重要地位,吸引更多旅客及外資。」

                  Filmore現推出峴港新樓盤The Filmore Da Nang,由Golden Emperor、Asia Bankers Club及Ashton Hawks合作代理,定價由220萬港元起,單位面積由484方呎起。

                  環球樓市.明報記者 龍彩霞

                  [龍彩霞 海外置業錦囊]

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