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AH Deluxe Monthly Event – Alfa Romeo & Ashton Hawks Limited Edition Preview Night

【AH Deluxe Monthly Event】Thank you to all the VIPs who joined our premium event night with Alfa Romeo, your presence made the evening truly special! We were honored to have the preview of Giulia Quadrifoglio「Rosso Edizione」& Stelvio Quadrifoglio「Rosso Edizione」. if you want to join our premium member night, please get in touch with us on

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For the coming event registration – the latest project in OX2 Oxford:


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    2024 Manchester Property Promotion Truck Across Hong Kong

    Calling all investors and property enthusiasts! Join us today for an exciting Manchester Property Truck happening across Hong Kong!

    Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to connect with Ashton Hawks’ overseas property experts, and explore the Renaker’s newest development – Contour, is a brand new 51-storey residential tower set within New Jackson – a world-class skyscraper district located at the southern gateway of Manchester city centre. With a starting price of £264K and an estimated of 7%* rental yields.

    Join us today at the Manchester Property Truck across Hong Kong and unlock the doors to exceptional investment prospects.

    – Feb 23: 10am Central Wellington St / 2:30pm Causeway Bay Plaza
    – Feb 24: 10am Tai Wai Station / 2:30pm Shatin
    – Feb 25: 10am TKO Park Central / 2:30pm Hang Hau Sheung Ning Rd
    – Feb 28: 10am One Taikoo Place / 2:30pm CWB Paterson St
    – Feb 29: 10am Tsun Yip St Kwun Tong / 2:30pm How Ming St Kwun Tong
    – Mar 1: 10am Langham Place MK / 2:30pm Haiphong Rd TST

    See you there!

    Manchester: Invest Now or Miss Out on Limitless Potential


    Date: 2 – 3 March 2024 (SAT – SUN)
    Time: 12pm (ENG) | 2pm (CHI) | 4pm (CHI)

    please register on:

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      2023 UAE All-In-One Property Investment Tour

      🇦🇪 We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the VIPs who joined us on the exclusive UAE Properties Tour from November 24th to 28th. It was an incredible journey that focused on exploring the real estate offerings in the vibrant cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

      During this tour, we had the privilege of showcasing some of the most prestigious properties and developments in the region. From luxurious residential towers to breathtaking waterfront villas, we aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the diverse real estate opportunities available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can explore well-known projects including ready-to-move-in and off-plan projects, as well as freehold apartments, penthouses, and villas. We are honored to be a partner with ALDAREllington Properties Development LLCEmaarDAMAC Properties, and Sobha Realty as well.

      If you are interested in joining the next property tour in UAE, please contact our professional UAE experts for the next tours, we provide multilanguage services including Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Arabic, Thai, Russian, French, and German.

      Invest Big Today and contact us now! (Include Golden Visa and Mortgage Consultation)
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      Want to register for the UAE All-In-One Property Investment Seminar.

      Date: 9 December 2023 (Sat-Sun)
      Time: 11am-2pm (ENG) | 2-5pm (MANDARIN) | 5-7pm (CANTONESE)

      Venue: The St. Regis Macao, Estr. do lstmo, Macao

      Limited seats are available. By RSVP only.

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        VIP Private Event: Manchester’s First Branded Residences at St. Michael’s




        Proudly presents you with the prestigious residential development located in the city centre of Manchester – W Residences Manchester. Provide the world-class Marriot Standards of services with 24/7 Whatever/Whenever® Service from flight ticket bookings to transportation arrangements, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Its luxurious interior was designed by Bowler James Brindley and developed by Salboy & Relentless Developments.

        【Event Details】
        日期: 14 November 2023 (Tuesday)
        時間: 7-10 pm
        地點: Soho House 

        電話 5226 1138 
        Limited seats are available.
        Dinner & Drinks are provided.

        Dont miss out the lucky draw!

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          W Residences Manchester Media Launch in Salboy’s Office

          [Manchester’s Big News] Had a fantastic time at the media briefing held at the Salboy office! 

          It was an enlightening and successful event, where we had the opportunity to showcase the latest project – W Residences Manchester. The energy in the room was electrifying, as top media professionals and experts gathered to learn more about the innovative developments. A special thanks to Salboy, Relentless Developments, and all the media representatives who joined us.

          Come check out Manchester’s First Branded Residences at St Michael’s on 18-19 November 2023 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, HK.
          時間:11am (英文) | 2pm (廣東話) 及 4pm (廣東話)

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            2023 VIP Event: Abu Dhabi Property Investment Event

            【Invest in UAE】 Thank you to all our valued guests joining the VIP Appreciation Night – Preview of Gardenia Bay By Aldar on October 30.
            Amidst the bustling cityscape, Ashton Hawks proudly presents you with the 1st Hong Kong Exclusive and price list of the new home of balanced living on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi – Gardenia Bay by Aldar Phrase II. This is Aldar’s latest residential gem on Yas Island with Studios, and 1-3 Bed apartments. The development’s emphasis on green infrastructure and walkability fosters well-being and a healthy lifestyle. The thoughtful master plan maximizes shade, minimizes heat, and integrates water features, while the 10 km canal front promenade provides a vehicle-minimized environment. Picture waking up to the gentle rustle of leaves and the melodious chirping of birds, a luxury now attainable in this haven of serenity.
            – Price from HKD1.7M* | Est. Rental Yield of 10%* | HKD3,300 psf.
            – Downpayment HKD85,000
            – Up to 50% Mortgage | can flip after 20% payment
            – Provide Golden Visa Consultation
            – Freehold & Limited Overseas Quota | Limited Luxury Appliance Sets
            – Prime location with the best prices in the heart of Abu Dhabi
            – Created by the biggest Developer – Aldar Properties
            – Expected Handover Q3 2027 with promisingly highest quality, rental yield, and ROI for investors
            Want to know more about the Abu Dhabi property market?
            Date: 4-5 November 2023 (Sat-Sun)
            Time: 12pm (Eng) | 2pm (Canto) | 4pm (Canto)
            Venue:27/F, The Park Lane Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
            Limited seats are available. By RSVP only.

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              【Congratulation to Aldar Properties】The leading real estate developer in Abu Dhabi, hosted a grand and highly-anticipated event showcasing their latest and most significant property offerings

              【Invest in UAE】On October 25, Aldar Properties, one of the leading real estate developers in Abu Dhabi, hosted a grand and highly-anticipated event showcasing their latest and most significant property offerings. The event not only unveiled stunning properties but also provided a unique platform for property agents to explore exciting opportunities in the flourishing Abu Dhabi real estate market. Let’s dive into the highlights of this spectacular Aldar Properties event. Ashton Hawks’s agents were lucky to meet all the core members of Aldar Properties, Ms. Tracy Tutor, the famous American real estate broker and author, and Mr. Jay Shetty, the co-founder of Sama Tea.

              Aldar Properties delivers exceptional properties and unparalleled investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi. From unveiling breathtaking properties to offering exclusive pre-launches and promotions, the event was a testament to Aldar’s dedication to providing innovative, sustainable, and luxurious living and working spaces.

              Want to know more about the Abu Dhabi property market?
              日期: 4-5 November 2023 (Sat-Sun)
              時間: 12pm (英文) 2pm (廣東話) 4pm (廣東話)
              地點: 香港銅鑼灣柏寧酒店27樓
              Enquiry: 5226 1138 

              Limited seats are available. By RSVP only.


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                杜拜憑藉其穩定的經濟、有利的營商環境政策以及戰略定位,在中東的國際金融中心地位已非常穩固。 從房地產到旅遊業,甚至從基礎設施到科技,杜拜提供了多樣化的投資機會,能滿足各類投資者的需求。



                杜拜地理位置優越,是通往歐洲、非洲和亞太地區的匙門; 距離許多國家飛行路程亦不遠,亦是東西方之間的橋樑。 杜拜國際機場飛往全球主要目的地的航班頻繁,使偶爾回家的旅途亦變得既快捷又無憂。 


                杜拜擁有多元化的經濟項目,與該地區其他國家相比,對石油的依賴程度較低。 該市政府已投資資源到房地產市場、旅遊及金融等領域,促進各個行業就業機會。 杜拜的戰略定位令它成為亞洲、歐洲和非洲之間理想的貿易商業樞紐。


                杜拜是無稅城市,既沒有公司稅、個人所得稅、增值稅,及資本利得稅。,為企業商家和投資者創造了具吸引力的理由。 根據 2018 年阿聯酋修訂《外國直接投資法》第 19 條,由多領域逐步放開外資股權限制,允許外國人 100%擁有阿聯酋的企業所有權。


                杜拜的平均收益為9.19%,比倫敦(7.89%)和紐約(4.48%)等大城市還要高! 該市積極建立基礎建設,增加了世家各地對房地產的需求並帶來巨大的資本收益。



                杜拜的頂級開發商包括 Emaar Properties、Sobha Realty、Deyaar、Omniyat 等。 



                杜拜市中心仍然是買家的最愛,是世界上訪問量最大的旅遊目的地之一。 它以其豪華高層塔樓和高檔社區而聞名,在現成和股權轉讓方面均表現強勁。 隨著越來越多的高淨值人士和國際高管尋求在市中心定居,需求將繼續超過供應,在不久的將來,房產價格將溢價。 杜拜市中心房產的年化回報率為我們的投資者帶來了驚人的 7.90% 回報。


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                奧漢國際物業榮獲HKCT Business Award 2023 頒發之傑出海外物業代理大獎

                奧漢國際物業榮獲HKCT Business Award 2023 頒發之傑出海外物業代理大獎


                今年奧漢國際物業很榮幸在2023年9月榮獲HKCT Business Award 2023 頒發之傑出海外物業代理大獎,備受海外物業市場專業及認受性。再次感謝HKCT對我們的肯定和支持,這對我們來說是一份極大的榮耀和鞭策,我們將繼續努力,為客戶提供更多優質國際物業和專業服務。

                評審根据企業的企業成就+市場競爭+品牌理念+專業地位這四項評審標準去評出<HKCT Business Awards 2023>的得獎企業。
                1. 獎項官方網站:
                2. 官方Facebook:
                3. 由港專多位業界專家組成的獨立評審團進行評審。
                4. 評審重點在於品質、服務、創新、原創性和對永續發展的承諾作為首要主題。


                Ashton Hawks 為你搜攞最適合你的海外優質物業,如有查詢有關靚盤自住或投資、租賃管理、按揭諮詢 📲Whatsapp/查詢 : 5226 1138 



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                  2023 Invest in Manchester M3: Waterhouse Gardens Irwell House

                  【Invest In Manchester M3】 We would like to express our sincere gratitude to each one of you who attended The Manchester Property Investment Seminar at the Salboy Asia office last night. It is our pleasure to have Mr. Michael Li, the Associate Director of Salboy introduce the latest project in 2023 – Waterhouse Gardens and answer all the questions from the buyers.

                  Why is Waterhouse Gardens the best investment option in 2023?
                  ✅ Price from £257K | Downpayment from £64K
                  ✅ 999 years household | Pet-friendly apartment
                  ✅ Estimated Completed: Q2 2026
                  ✅ N.O.M.A’s 800 million large-scale revitalization area and Northern Powerhouse Scheme
                  ✅ The Great Ducie Street Strategic Regeneration Framework
                  ✅3-min walk to Manchester College City Campus
                  ✅8-min walk to Exchange Square Shopping District and Sainsbury’s Local, Greengate and New Bailey CBD Extension
                  ✅15-min walk to Spinningfields

                  If you missed the opportunity last night. Please join our next <Manchester Property Investment Seminar>

                  Date: 23-24 September 2023 (SAT & SUN)
                  時間: 12時(英文)|2時(廣東話)|4時(廣東話)
                  Venue: 27/F, The Park Lane Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, HK
                  Enquiry: 5226 1138 | WhatsApp:

                  Limited seats are available. By RSVP only.


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