At Ashton Hawks, we offer our expertise to support informed decisions. Whether you are seeking to purchase or sell property, we have the professional know-how to fulfill your ambition. In addition to that, we are on hand to provide immense industry experience and global reach with local knowledge to our developer partners.

Ashton Hawks is a full-service property investment company with an exceptional client base of long-term and short-term property investors looking for high-quality opportunities in global real estate. Since establishment, we have worked closely with developers, and built strong partnerships on the back of our business model and global reach.

Our clients trust us to do the hard work for them, to source and deliver well-researched, reliable investments from some of the world’s finest developers. Thus, we would conduct thorough study on your projects and provide advice on how to attract potential buyers, in terms on property price and local market insights and strategy. Having comprehensive marketing resources at our disposal, we would provide PR and marketing support for you. It is important for a developer to be recognized as a brand that delivers top notch quality property, and that requires effort on publicity.

Our after-sale service will also benefit you. Our dedicated local client service team will explain all the contract details and financing options to clients, and exchange and complete contracts on your behalf, saving you time, money and hassle.

We never ask for marketing budget - because we only charge a fee for a successful transaction.
Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in marketing your brand and selling your property efficiently.


“ Ashton Hawks is much more than a professional real estate agent. Their exceptional network of buyers and excellent after-sale service is exactly what we are looking for in an international agent. Ashton Hawks delivers and never disappoint us. ”

— Cobby Leathers

Head of International Business Development of Sansiri,
Thailand's leading fully-integrated property developer