In 2018, Singapore Airlines is planning to restore the world’s longest commercial flight, an 18-hour nonstop trip from New York’s JFK airport to Singapore. With the re-launched service, the carrier is introducing new cabin designs in the Airbus A350s used for the route. Plans have yet to be revealed, but the bar has steadily risen every year for the top-category cabin class—just take a look at the new products dreamed up by Air France, Etihad, British Airways and others. Even though airlines have reduced the number of first-class seats in favor of a larger business class in recent years, they’re tailoring an even more exclusive experience for the privileged few who are still willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a ticket. Here are five airlines leading the luxury race in the front of the plane.


Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airline’s First Class, created by BMW’s Designworks, was designed as a cocooned haven with exclusive sensory experiences, from the luxurious texture of a diamond-quilted leather armchair to the soft, warm glow of cove lighting that spotlights unexpected storage spaces. Singapore Airlines’ partnership with Michelin-starred chefs such as Alfred Portale of New York’s Gotham Bar & Grill and Suzanne Goin, who helms A.O.C., Lucques and Tavern in Los Angeles, ensure the satisfaction of refined palates onboard.


Air France

Air France’s La Première cabin embodies the sophistication you’d expect from the airline’s home country. The boudoir-esque suite, which can be closed off by sound-absorbing curtains, is clad in leather and suede and accessorized by a sea-horse print lamp and a slate-gray ottoman. You can dine à deux on Atlantic lobster in a curried coconut sauce by Daniel Boulud and come turn-down, the ergonomically-designed, tweed-covered seat transforms into a memory-foam cushion bed topped with a Sofitel My Bed duvet and fluffy down pillows.


British Airways

British Airways’ re-imagined First Class on the Boeing 787-9 carries a very British air of distinction. Swathed in hand-stitched leather and chrome finishes, the new design focuses on additional storage: a ottoman doubles as a case for shoes or handbags; a wardrobe and mirrored cabinet are accessible within arm’s reach; and a compartment for plugs and tablets is discreetly tucked beside an arm rest. Dual-screen viewing is possible through a smartphone-like handset and a 23-inch flat screen. The esteemed ambience wouldn’t be complete without a traditional afternoon tea with smoked salmon- and rocket lettuce- sandwiches and housemade scones and clotted cream.


Etihad Airways

Etihad’s The Residence, available on flights between New York, London Heathrow, Sydney and Abu Dhabi, goes far beyond offering extra leg room. The palatial (by airline standards) three-room suite, which incorporates lattice patterns and a desert-inspired color palette, feels like flying in a private jet. Multi-course affairs, whipped up by a dedicated inflight chef, are served on 24-carat gold-plated tablewear Bernardaud porcelain. A concierge sees to on-the-ground arrangements, and a Savoy Hotel-trained butler dresses up the double bed. At your disposal: a private shower furnished with an exclusive range of Acqua di Parma products.



There’s something soothing about the caramel- and grey-brown compartments of Lufthansa’s new first class. The floor is covered by noise-neutralizing insulation, the climate controlled by humidifiers, and generous portions of caviar are served before multi-course meals prepared by a rotation of chefs such as Diethard Urbansky of Restaurant Dallmayr in Munich. In the center of the cabin is a bar station, with an array of free-flowing wines and artisanal chocolates (including pistachio brittle, cactus fruit and sour cherry cream truffles). And when it’s time for slumber, the fauteuil slides into a Paradies-made bed—designed in consultation with the Berlin-based Charité sleep center—complemented with percale sheets and an oversized, temperature-regulating pillow.


ANA, All Nippon Airways

ANA’s first-class cabins may seem more subdued than those of its flashy competitors, but perhaps in the Japanese modus operandi, every detail and inch of space is accounted for. The minimalist cubes boast 30 percent more room than the previous generation’s curvy compartments and are supplemented with space-organizing cubbies to store laptops, glasses, and magazines. The textures and fabrics have been factored into passenger comfort: A cashmere-and-organic-cotton lap rug, a bedtime duvet, and a weight-distributing mattress topper are lightweight and breathable but also cozy and warming. Thanks to a new partnership with Conrad Hotels, passengers on flights from New York to Japan can (for a limited time) feast on dishes from the group’s Tokyo and New York–based restaurants, like branzino with ratatouille in a tomato saffron sauce. fly-ana.com

Source: Architectural Digest


Ever wondered what the most expensive first class airline tickets in the world could be? It might surprise you how luxurious the most luxurious airplane traveling can get. Even if reaching your destination may be the ultimate goal, traveling first class can make all the difference in the world. From caviar and champagne to private cabins, some airlines offer grandeur to their first class passengers that know no bounds. Of course, the money you end up spending is a whopping sum too but some may say that it’s totally worth it.


Some of these most expensive first class airline tickets can provide an experience of the best hotel suites you can imagine and with the extra perk of a mid-air cloud views. Beats mountain views and sea facing suite rooms any day. And, they spell classy and suaveness like no other. Some may even make you feel the impression of a private jet. You could get all the privacy in the world in your private cabins and also, mingle with other first class passengers in exclusive lounge areas. Yes! All within an airplane.

But, in case you are just wondering how expensive one’s travel plans could get even when you give the luxury a pass, do look into The 9 Most Expensive Airline Tickets You Could Ever Buy. This list will tell you that even when you are flying economy how the distance and lay-offs can bring your ticket prices up to a whopping amount. Though, it might also bust our notion that non-stop flights are less expensive. This might be an interesting and eye-opening view of how your travel plans can end up burning a hole in your pocket.


So if you are a multi-millionaire looking to spend your extra cash for a splendid flying experience, you think your opulent holiday plans need the perfect travel- experience build up  or you are just plain curious how the celebrity clan and billionaires of the world do their traveling you might want to keep reading on.

Here’s a list of the most expensive first class airline tickets for those who like to do their travelling in style.


10. Air France First Class
$ 13000 approx.

There’s all you can ask for space in the Air France First Class that comes with exclusive coat service and storage facilities. For a comfortable night’s sleep Air France’s facilities are undefeatable. With bedside tables and curtains it is as cozy, if not more, as your own bedroom might feel.


9. Qantas First Class Suite
$ 15000 approx.

Qantas has an array of wines and bubblies in store for you. No dearth of space and a cozy bed of sheepskin mattress, you’re in for some true blue Aussie hospitality. The five-star menu prepared by a world class chef just adds to the already rich experience.


8. Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Suite
$ 20000 approx.

Singapore Airlines’ luxury quotient is said to be unbeatable. Luxury bed and a dinner spread that can challenge the best of the Michelin Star holders. Not to mention the Salvatore Ferragamo amenities kit and the 2004 Dom Perignon champagne that makes the experience all you can ask for.


7. Virgin Atlantic
$ 21000 approx.

One of a kind lounge experience that can give the best of the nightclubs a run for their money. Dimly lit purple lights, snazzy interiors and a bar where you can socialize in style. Really an exaggerated idea of a nightlife but classy nonetheless.


6. JAL Suites
$ 24000 approx.

The Japan Airline First Class Cabins have compartments or JAL Suites as they are called include leather seats that convert into a comfy bed. It economizes space without compromising on all round comfort, with an option of being provided with an air-massage device in case you need to crank up the already relaxed atmosphere.


5. Cathay Pacific First Class
$ 26000 approx.

Best international wines, caviar and a lavish spread of Hong Kong dishes, the Cathay Airlines first class has everything available for a sophisticated palate. And when they are providing you with amenities kits by Ermenegildo Zegna and Trussardi, you know you’re in for an indulging experience.


4. Korean Air First Class Kosmo Suite
$ 27000 approx.

Korean Air’s Kosmo seats definitely have game! The whole seating are uses state-of-the-art technology to provide total comfort and convenience with full reclining facility, noise cancelling audio systems and an exclusive 23 inch LCD TV. The food’s amazing without telling and the wine-list impresses too.


3. Etihad Diamond First Class Suite
$ 28000 approx.


Etihad’s new first class suite is a notch over its last one. It now comes not only with a spacious convertible seat with all comfort options but also a mini bar, massage chair and a plethora of entertainment solutions.

2. Emirates First Class Cabin
$ 30000 approx.

Quite understandable why this one features on the most expensive first class airplane tickets list. Emirates is known to impress its passengers and when there is an on-board spa involved, you know it is going to be an undeniably splendid affair. Not to mention the private compartments, mini bars and flat beds and vanity tables.


And, the most expensive first class airline tickets are provide by Lufthansa First Class Cabin
$ 30000 approx.


Lufthansa offers every possible comfort option and then some more. World-class menu, comfort seats and beds, quality amenity kits, and a-list wine selection, plus the extra perk of air humidifiers that provides the passengers with especially conditioned oxygen. All this definitely justifies the price tag that makes it a winning contender of the most expensive first class airline tickets list.

Source: Inside Monkey