PUBLISHED ON Sep 25, 2016

Located in the north of Clear Water Bay Peninsula in the New Territories, Sai Kung was once a fishing village. Sai Kung town has undergone significant expansion in recent years with government’s investment to improve the town seafront. The area also spans an interesting fuse of small boutique-style shops due to an extensive expat community and booming numbers of visiting locals and tourists. The village of Sai Kung is also known as ‘Seafood Street’ for the local seafood restaurants gathering on the seafront.

In terms of housing, Sai Kung is similar to its adjacent area Clearwater Bay that also has no high-rise units. From small apartment buildings to large free-standing residences, detached village houses with terraces or garden to several townhouse complexes with facilities and swimming pool, the area is very popular among families with young children who favour the spacious residences.