10 wines to have on your investment list

PUBLISHED ON Jun 11, 2019

Wine investments are some of the most lucrative these days. Property investments give big capital gains. But buying wines is like investing in a startup: you need 10 years of runway to see significant returns. Here are the top 10 editor picks of wines to have on your wine investments list. 2000 Ch. Mouton Rothschild, […]

Vietnam’s new riviera of the South China Sea

PUBLISHED ON Jun 5, 2019

Vietnam’s first marina is nearing completion, and will include Flovac’s first vacuum system in the country. Upon completion it will contain berths for over two hundred yachts and Super-yachts. Ana Marina in Nha Trang on the south east coast will be Vietnam’s first marina. It will host world class equipment and offer 60 berths for vessels […]

And the winner of the biggest selling luxury watch brand is …

PUBLISHED ON May 31, 2019

And who is the biggest selling watch brand this year… Watch companies are notoriously secretive about their sales figures, meaning rankings haven’t always been crystal clear. Visual observation has long suggested Rolex as the default must-have for the wrist, with Omega and Tag Heuer often cited as the podium place-holders. Waiting lists for certain models also […]

The World’s Coolest New Golf Clubhouse Is Nothing Like You Would Imagine

PUBLISHED ON May 29, 2019

Ayla Golfclub is one reinvented to blend into the Jordanian desert. Golf establishments typically have a sense of formality and tradition (and plenty of plaid). Oppenheim Architecture wanted to throw out tradition and pay homage to the spectacular setting. The club is part of the Ayla Oasis, a resort in the coastal city of Aqaba, […]

The first home to be auctioned in Bitcoin

PUBLISHED ON May 23, 2019

The world had its first home auctioned in Bitcoin. Australia  hosted a live auction in which bidders were asked to pay in cryptocurrency. The “Jetsons House”, a futuristic-style beachfront home in northern NSW, was auctioned on April 8, with interested bidders using either Bitcoin or Binance Coin cryptocurrency. The futuristic home was expected to fetch 700-800 […]