Chaumet’s Historic Jewels Weaves a Tale of Powerful Women, Royal Intrigue, and Unsolved Mystery

PUBLISHED ON Aug 16, 2019

Chaumet’s tiara showcase, weaves the tale of the extravagance and tragedies of history’s past. This summer, over two centuries of regal extravagance are on display in the subterranean halls of Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum, where tales of love, intrigue, and imperial power are the subject of an exhibition titled “Chaumet in Majesty: Jewels of Sovereigns Since 1780.” […]

As Vietnam’s Economy Booms, More Luxury Buyers Emerge

PUBLISHED ON Aug 13, 2019

The Vietnam economic boom is resulting in the emergence of local luxury buyers. Over the past decade, Ho Chi Minh City’s skyline has been redefined by increasingly flashy towers of glass and steel, bold symbols of the country’s economic advancement and growing luxury property market. While foreign investment in the Vietnamese city has played a […]

Extraordinary homes that go underwater

PUBLISHED ON Aug 6, 2019

For some, the most expensive elements of their homes are rather underwater. Extraordinary home aquariums are now the trendiest additions to million-dollar-homes. Home aquariums add a sense of relaxation to a living space. It’s an art piece, merging indoors and outdoors together to create a vibrant homescape. For marine lovers, having a small tank with […]

Kuala Lumpur’s MRT stations see 10-15% boost in land values

PUBLISHED ON Aug 2, 2019

Kuala Lumpur MRT stations see a boost in land values as construction of major infrastructures complete in recent years. The city already hosts an impressive transport network that connects the city center to its two airports and suburbs districts besides intercity linkages that can reach Singapore. Malaysia’s revival of its infrastructure projects is the catalyst […]

From Japanese to French:
KLCC’s Luxury Food Scene

PUBLISHED ON Jul 30, 2019

It comes as no surprise that luxury restaurants in Kuala Lumpur are concentrated in KL City where all the bustle and hustle occur. While many are no stranger to KLCC for its famous Petrona Twin Towers, the city boasts some famous eateries serving dishes from fresh sashimi flown from Japan to eloquently-plated French lobster bisque. […]