Reading’s Halo Buy-to-Let Effect

PUBLISHED ON Jan 22, 2020

A key destination in the London Commuter Belt and a cornerstone of the UK technology sector, the Thames Valley includes top Buy-to-Let investment markets such as Reading. After attracting inwards investment and many leading tech companies in the country, it has quickly become one of the top targets in the South-East. As an affordable alternative […]

Thailand set to launch two more budget airlines in 2020

PUBLISHED ON Jan 21, 2020

While Thailand’s flagship Thai Airways struggles, two new budget airlines are preparing to take off in 2020. The past decade has been challenging for Thailand’s legacy airline whilst newer, more nimble and cashed-up players enter the market. Both Thai Summer Airways and Thai Eastar Jet have gained Air Operating Licenses from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand and are […]

Shanghai’s Jiyu Spa frees the physical mind

PUBLISHED ON Jan 10, 2020

If the mission of a spa is to create a memorable and rejuvenating experience, Shanghai’s Jiyu Spa brings exceptional beauty, peace and an immersive experience into a broader perspective. Shanghai-based Hip-pop design team, has visually transformed Freud’s idea into a design inspiration. The Jiyu Spa targets the hidden unconscious mind to feel and enjoy the […]

Top economic events of Vietnam in 2019

PUBLISHED ON Jan 7, 2020

The year 2019 closed with remarkable achievements for Vietnam’s economy, building a steady foundation for sustainable development. Here are the selected top outstanding economic events of the year. 1. GDP growth rate among fastest in the region In 2019, Việt Nam posted gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 7.02 per cent amidst growing competition in the […]