Gamuda Land’s greening initiative and township developments

PUBLISHED ON May 22, 2020

“Every inch of land is gold,” is not a false proposition. It is especially true in real estate. Developers often own large plots of land with a large constructible area, which can easily be used to optimize profit. Yet now, property developers are intentionally going against this traditional formula. Gamuda Land chose to add to Gamuda […]

Suburban homes are the new trend in Vietnam

PUBLISHED ON May 20, 2020

Vietnamese have a long-held conception that the rich live in the center, and the poor have to live around the coastal areas as they do not usually have the wealth to move closer to the city. As urbanization took place at a dizzying pace, the lack of city planning has led to serious air pollution, […]

Woolwich among best places to buy a home in London in 2020

PUBLISHED ON May 15, 2020

Five miles down the Thames from Canary Wharf, Woolwich is shaping up as a real alternative, with Berkeley Homes’ multi-billion-pound regeneration of Woolwich Arsenal, featuring 5,000 new homes plus bars and restaurants revamping the waterfront, and Crossrail due to upgrade transport links in 2021. Down the line, British Land is planning a five-acre mixed development […]

Apple is reportedly starting to build some of its AirPods in Vietnam

PUBLISHED ON May 14, 2020

Apple is shifting some of its AirPods production to Vietnam this quarter. Roughly 30%, or 3 million to 4 million, of the company’s classic AirPods will be produced in Vietnam rather than China, according to the report. The move will continue to diversify Apple’s supply chain, a process it began to accelerate in the past year […]

Fashion Label Gucci has opened a restaurant in Los Angeles

PUBLISHED ON May 13, 2020

Fashion label Gucci has opened a restaurant at the top of its store in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, which serves up a selection of Italian dishes. Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura occupies the rooftop of the brand’s store on Rodeo Drive, a two-mile-long street in Beverly Hills that is host to a parade of luxury fashion boutiques. The restaurant takes […]