Top Tips of Investing in Fine Art

PUBLISHED ON Mar 20, 2019

The fine arts market is almost impenetrable by risk analysis. There is little transparency in the fine arts market. Unlike with other asset classes the market is for the most part unregulated. The trade in fine art is unpredictable because it depends not just on supply and demand but also on the unmeasurable factor of taste.

Stay in a glass box over the Arctic Sea in Norway

PUBLISHED ON Mar 5, 2019

The new experience, based at the Manshausen cabins, offers a perfect opportunity for visitors to experience the region in both the Arctic summer under the Midnight Sun, and winter to enjoy the Northern Lights through floor to ceiling windows looking out over the Steigen Archipelago from the luxury and comfort of the cabins.

How to Design the Ideal Home Office

PUBLISHED ON Feb 21, 2019

Working from home can be a terrifying, but never-endingly exciting venture. Not only is working from home exciting because you get to working in the comfort of your own house, but you get to design your very own office too! No more dreary white walls and terrible motivational posters.

How to buy the perfect Persian rug

PUBLISHED ON Feb 15, 2019

Persian rugs are somewhat of a contradiction – the epitome of a work of art whilst also being one of the most coveted investments one can own.