Dec 2, 2017, LAN KWAI FONG

On Dec 2-3, 2017 the first-ever Thai Festival especially delivered to us by Sansiri, Thailand’s leading full-service real estate developer, was successfully held at Lan Kwai Fong. The hustle and bustle place is as lively but with a fantastic Thai essence floating in the air. Upon arrival at Lan Kwai Fong, visitors were greeted by the two enormous “Giants of Fortune;” walking down the different streets countless “floating market” stalls, goodies stores, photo booth, and the brand new Harnn pop-up store captivated a huge hoard of people. No matter during daytime or when the evening sets in, tons of people just kept flooding in to share the festive mood. To further spread the aura of joviality, different dance shows were performed, the outcome was awesome and the audience was mesmerized in the graceful Thai gesture. The two-day event orchestrated the merry amusement for both kids and adults to kick start Dec with jubilant sparkles!