St James Settlement Elderly Centre Volunteering Service

19 Sep 2018, Evergreen Day Care Centre for the Elderly, Lot Hing House, Hing Wah Estate (Phase 2), Chai Wan, Hong Kong

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Ashton Hawks organized a visit to the St. James Settlement Evergreen Day Care Centre for the Elderly at Chai Wan on September 19.

A corporate volunteer team formed by 16 staff took part in this meaningful event with more than 45 elderly. During the event, we played interactive games and took part in their birthday party which encouraged us to know more about each other. Our volunteers also helped in the meal preparation at the end of the program.

The event brought a lot of joy to the elderly as well as our volunteers. Through this meaningful event, we have more in depth understanding of the society, previous generation and the needs of the elderly. Ashton Hawks shall continue to implement volunteering projects in serving the community in the future.