Serenity Sky Villas Exclusive Consultation

October 14, 2017,

The official launch of Serenity Sky Villas in Hong Kong was successfully held on October 14, 2017. We originally planned to have one Exclusive Consultation session but the demand was just overwhelming and got a full house within a day, so we opened a second session to meet the enthusiastic interest.

Serenity Sky Villas is the only sky villa in Vietnam; it is a top-of-the-line collection that elevates luxury living to new heights and no wonder has drawn such an earnest reaction. On the day, we received tons of gratifying comments regarding the deluxe residence and its luxurious amenities, and our clients were endowed with the specific features Serenity Sky Villas offers plus its attractive investment value. Overall a grandly amiable gathering to go with our professional opinions to wrap the day up with some affluent insight.