BMW Event

25 July 2017, BMW 7 Series Studio, Wanchai Showroom G/F, Everbright Centre, 108 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

On July 25, 2017 Ashton Hawks honorable guests were invited to the private viewing of BMW 7 Series Executive Lounge held in the prestigious brand’s Wan Chai Showroom. Our guests got the opportunity to study and experience the luxury model (the same model that HK police chose to ride President Xi Jinping for his 3-day visit), complemented with a professional presentation from BMW’s product genius. We all chilled out tasting some German wines and delicious canape, mingling and catching up with one another, cracked some jokes, took some pics, simply shared some of the best relaxing moments ever. An impressive touch of warmth was then blended in with a calligrapher gracefully embossed the special leather souvenir from BMW with every guest’s name/initials, adding tremendous significance to the distinguished pleasure. The beautiful evening was wrapped up with remarkable memories; everyone was elevated to a celebrated level of merriment (plus a happy stomach)!