Vietnam’s new riviera of the South China Sea

PUBLISHED ON Jun 5, 2019

Vietnam’s first marina is nearing completion, and will include Flovac’s first vacuum system in the country. Upon completion it will contain berths for over two hundred yachts and Super-yachts. Ana Marina in Nha Trang on the south east coast will be Vietnam’s first marina. It will host world class equipment and offer 60 berths for vessels of 20 to 40 meters and extra wide berths for catamarans.

Future phases will include a super yacht dock for six yachts up to 70m in length and an additional 100m berth is under consideration. The remaining berths will accommodate yachts of 10 to 20m and will be operational by 2021. There will be a total of 220 berths once the marina completes.

General Manager of the project, Ruurd Van Putten, gave us his insight. “It’s a unique project in Vietnam that will ignite a whole new industry. Yachting is generally known for its high standard, quality and innovation. Marinas have proven to be a catalyst for economic growth, development of tourism and overall improvement of leisure services and facilities.

With environmental concerns becoming a high priority in coastal developments, Ana Marina is heavily focused on the key concepts of sustainability, durability and responsibility. “A marina means less pollution, cleaner water, and protection to vulnerable marine life. It will have special systems to prevent spillage of oil, fuel and waste of boats. This will result in better water quality allowing plants, coral and fish to grow unthreatened, and also a safe and clean area to swim and play. We are dedicated to raising awareness that the sea is the beating heart and lifeline of Nha Trang, and must be preserved and protected at all costs”, Ruurd concluded.

 Source: Flovac