Suburban homes are the new trend in Vietnam

PUBLISHED ON May 20, 2020

Vietnamese have a long-held conception that the rich live in the center, and the poor have to live around the coastal areas as they do not usually have the wealth to move closer to the city. As urbanization took place at a dizzying pace, the lack of city planning has led to serious air pollution, overloaded infrastructure systems, causing congestions in urban areas in cities including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Over the past few years, districts just outside central Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are living proof that Vietnamese locals are moving closer to suburban districts. It is a positive result of the government’s development of satellite cities to reduce congestion and pressure around the city core.

Despite Vietnam’s strong performance in the past few years, it has been a popular trend that young Vietnamese no longer want to live in the city center, but rather suburban districts outside the city. TS Architects Ngo Viet Nam Son commented during a discussion on the issue,” in Paris, the rich do not live in the city core but choose to live in suburban districts as the infrastructure is well-planned and there is more living-space offered.”

Since its expansion to Vietnam from Malaysia, Gamuda Land has been a pioneering urban developer who has reshaped new directions in the industry by paying special attention to ecological improvements at project sites. The internationally-renowned Yen So Park in Hanoi has become one of the busiest eco-parks in the capital, which has attracted attention from international investors.

Why has Gamuda City been so successful at attracting foreign investors?  In recent years, green development is one quickly-emerging concept which in some cases, can add significant value to the development. As an experienced developer, Gamuda Land understands that green development translates to less land to build residential precincts. With fewer residential units offered, profit is more difficult to optimize. Creating an ecological-friendly environment and connecting residents to the city with well-planned infrastructures are some of the ways Gamuda Land can improve its already high-end products to compete with other products of similar price and segment.

Source: Cafe Biz