PUBLISHED ON Oct 6, 2016

A short research report from C9 Hotelworks Market Research called, ‘Phuket medical tourism market’ suggests that Australia and China are the two most significant international sources of business for the island’s growing medical tourism sector.

48% of medical tourists have cosmetic surgery, 34% have anti aging treatment and 15% have dental treatment.

25% come from China, with most seeking anti aging treatment. 55% are from Australia and 70% of Australians have cosmetic surgery. Most cosmetic surgery is for breast implants, liposuction and face/body contouring.

Two out of three patients book through international medical tourism agencies based in overseas locations, mostly in Australia.

Phuket International Hospital is building a new wing just for medical tourists, while other wellness and cosmetic treatment facilities are being built. More international hospital chains are expected to set up in Phuket.

Hospitals and clinics are looking to develop beyond cosmetic surgery to offer a wider range of treatment.

Bill Barnett of C9 Hotelworks says, “Phuket’s reputation as a quality medical destination is growing. Hospitals and clinics are working with medical tourism agencies to provide inclusive packages combining wellness and holidays at competitive prices points. The growing market creates business opportunities for medical facilities built by international investors.”

Source: International Medical Travel Journal