It’s not often that a small neighborhood hotel can become a trending tourist destination. Safari-themed Mustang Nero is the boutique hotel in Phra Khanong, Bangkok, that has transformed into a place that travelers want to visit, even just for a photograph.

Located just steps from the Phra Khanong BTS station, The Mustang Nero hotel is a buried treasure in the Phra Khanong soi or precinct. It’s not hard to spot this boutique hotel, with its three-floor building painted in black.

Even so, the simplistic exterior does not match up with the interior, which charms its guest upon the entrance. Vintage appliances, large tropical plants, and odd choices of decorations add a peculiar, yet mystic atmosphere to the cozy lobby space. The shaded lobby is a literal jungle, enveloped with giant plants and animal taxidermy.

The hotel consists of ten rooms, each overflowing with native plants along the building’s original scored wood paneling. The doors of each room are marked by a sign that indicates the animal spirit inside including, the Dragon, the Zebra, the Flamingo, and the Wolf.

The décor is kept minimal, blending the design with vintage furniture to create a raw and industrial aesthetic. Plants and chairs are used to fill the bedrooms, which keep the overall hotel design coherent. Other bedrooms donned pink and navy walls besides green velvet chairs. The hotel is like a museum, meticulously designed and staged with an intermix of colors and vintage ornaments.

Breakfasts feature homemade jams, organic vegetables, and artisan ingredients, prepared by Khun Joy, former set designer turned owner and chef at Mustang Nero.

Although nestled quite far from the Bangkok city center at Pathum Wan, there is plenty to see and do in the neighborhood, including the ‘Soho’ of Bangkok, Hof Art Space, the Naiipa Art Complex and the EM shopping malls.

Mustang Nero is Bangkok’s version of a mystic artist loft, tailored for creative professionals and those who have the urge to live among unique things.

 Source: Airbnb

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Celebrities traveling in and out of Hollywood now have a little respite from the paparazzi and crowded security lines — a private airport terminal.

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Monday opened its “Private Suite” with a gate entrance away from traffic surrounding the airport. Members of the facility, which is the first of its kind in the country, get exclusive accommodations with a two-person daybed, a serviced food pantry, and their very own bathroom, before a BMW sedan drives them “Head-of-State style” across the tarmac to the aircraft, according to the Suite’s website.

And you don’t actually have to be a celebrity to gain access to the private terminal — just pretty wealthy.

The Private Suite’s membership costs $7,500 a year, plus $2,700 in service fees per domestic flights up to four people; $3,000 for international, according to the website. And there are additional perks: Members can book pre-flight flight massages, manicures, hair and makeup appointments at no additional cost. You can even have a concierge doctor meet you at the suite upon arrival.

A number of fliers seem to find the membership fees justifiable. More than 1,200 memberships have been sold to date, a spokesperson from the Private Suite told Fortune.

The service claims it reduces the number of footsteps from car seat to plane seat from 2200 to 70. But members will still be flying commercial along with economy and business class passengers.


Source: Fortune


Vietnam is quickly becoming a major travel hotspot, but most well-heeled travelers have never heard of Con Dao. It is a group of stunning pristine tropical islands off the southern tip of Vietnam. The fact that most have never heard of it is what makes it exclusive. It’s also the location of an unforgettable vacation courtesy of the Six Senses Resort and Spa Con Dao, Vietnam.


Six Senses is an exclusive hotel brand with only nine resorts in wonderfully secluded and exotic locations around the world. Their Vietnamese property is located in Con Son which is the largest of the 16 islands in the Con Dao archipelago.  The island is mountainous with many isolated beaches and surrounded by clear blue water. There is an active harbor, local market, and many landmarks and temples to explore. The only traffic jam there is when the occasional group of cows crosses the road and holds up a few cars and motor bikes.


Six Senses Con Dao is on a mile long stretch flawless stretch of beach in a cove surrounded by a rugged natural reserve. Couples can be seen each morning walking hand in hand along the beach.  No need to jockey for position for best spot on the beach for your chaise lounge. In fact, they don’t even have them on the beach. For beach views and sun tanning, your chaise lounges are on your villa’s private pool deck with direct views of the beach and sea.


There are only 50 villas on the property.  The décor does not feature fancy neon lighting or trendy color palates, just what you would find in nature with teak wood and bamboo as the main building materials. The heart of the resort is designed after a traditional Vietnamese fishing village and perfectly blends in with the natural surroundings.


Most of the villas are two stories. On the first floor is your full-sized pool, deck and outdoor living space, indoors there is a spacious bath with large tub. The shower is outdoors in a garden courtyard. Upstairs is beautiful with a king-sized bed with draped netting. The bed faces the ocean and the sound of the waves lulls guests to sleep each night. There is a balcony with sitting area and unobstructed sea views. There are other villas with two, three, and four bedrooms and even larger pools and a full kitchen perfect for large families or friends traveling together.


The dining experience at the Six Senses Con Dao is exquisite. Couples gather at their By the Beach restaurant for a candle lit dinner under the stars and an eclectic menu of seafood, meats, and local dishes with excellent wine pairings.   Their other restaurant is the Vietnamese By the Market which serves exquisite traditional Vietnamese dishes.


Many guests vacation there to celebrate a honeymoon, anniversary, or birthday. The resort goes above and beyond to create an even more special memories with a series of destination dining experiences such as dining in the wine cellar, in their vegetable and herb garden under, or high on a cliff overlooking the sea.

Six Senses Con Dao provides holidays for those looking to just relax or for the active traveler and the resort’s activities team has a wide variety of options to choose from.  A great way to see the island is to explore by motor scooter and the tour will take guests to the center of town and to explore the market as well as to temples, pagodas, and other landmarks.


Con Dao is in the middle of the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Thailand so there are endless options to enjoy the water from above and below. The resort can arrange snorkeling or scuba dives to see beautiful underwater life with amazing coral formations and exotic and colorful fish.

There’s also plenty to do at the resort as well from movies nights under the stars, countless activities for children, and even a golf where guests can drive EcoBioBalls into the sea which dissolve and serve as fish food.


To relax and rejuvenate, the Spa at Six Senses Con Dao is a complete facility in a natural setting. The Vietnamese treatment is a highly recommended traditional massage incorporating pressure point techniques, heated suction cups, and local natural oils.  The spa menu is comprehensive with a wide range of spa services from pampering, to therapeutic, Yoga to beauty.  Transformative wellness journeys are also offered from three to 21 days.


What really makes the experience at the Six Sense Can Dao unforgettable is the friendly service that guests receive at each interaction; from the warm and friendly greeting at the airport to the restaurant staff or the house keeper. As you walk around the property, you will constantly hear the Vietnamese greeting of Xin Ciao with a warm a friendly smile from the staff.


Each guest is also assigned a GEM or Guest Experience Maker which is there to make sure that all of your needs are met. Need a spa appointment, advice on where to go, or anything to make your trip complete, you have a personal assistant to make sure it happens and is hassle free.

Six Senses Con Dao is one of those vacation experiences that gets it just right.  The resort is located on an exotic tropical beach and only has 50 villas so it never feels crowded. The spa, activities, dining is exquisite and, to top it all off, the service could not be more warm or professional. For those looking for an unforgettable tropical getaway in South East Asia, the Six Sense Con Dao is the perfect choice.

Source: JustLuxe

Designer Jonathan Schwinge has created a conceptual super yacht named Tetra with a pyramid-shaped body that’s designed to lift itself above the water at high speeds.  This futuristic yacht gets its name Tetra from its unconventional tetrahedron shape, making its appearance unlike any other yacht concept thus far.

The yachts hovering like presence would be formed by a “hydrofoil small waterplane area ship” a (HYSWAS) hull.  Hydrofoil vessels have hulls fitted with shaped vanes (commonly called foils) underneath, which brings the hull out of the water at travelling speed, allowing the vessel to move faster by reducing drag on the waters surface.  Jonathan Schwinge said “The design is instigated by the re-thinking of the form, superstructure and propulsion of the modern superyacht into a radically simple enclosure and an elevated mode of travel above the water line.”


Utilizing the same fundamentals, the Tetra would travel using three hulls on its underside at low speeds.  Once it picks up momentum, a torpedo-shaped strut would expand downwards – to help in bringing the yacht out of the water using its rotating side-mounted adjustable foils.  “The concept design of this HYSWAS craft is based upon an existing hull design that has been developed by several companies, notably the Maritime Applied Physics Corporation in America, and has been proven by their technology demonstrator – The Quest – in 1995,” said Schwinge.

The yacht could provide a smoother ride in stormy ocean conditions when its out of the water, according to the designer.  When docked, portions of Tetra’s three sides would fold down to become enlarged deck areas and the horizontal panels could emerge overhead to provide sun shades.

The yacht would use Carbon Fibre and stainless steel for the superstructure making it lighter and giving it more strength compared to most traditional yachts, which have heavy and difficult to maneuver bodies.  The concept would be able to accommodate six passengers and four crew members.  Presently we are not sure whether the design would be realized or not, but it is a very interesting concept to say the least.

Source: The Extravagant

Not always thought of as the most family-friendly city, Bangkok has a lot to offer under-18s.Rather than a necessary stop on your way to the islands or the cultural north, the Thai capital will be firmly on your itinerary after you discover these 27 kid-centric attractions.From cultural shows to wet and wild water parks, as well as ‘edutainment’ centers, there are many points of interest to keep everyone from toddlers to teens occupied.Whether you’re traveling to Bangkok as a stop-over or coming to stay for a month – you’ll have at least 24 options for some family fun in the capital of Thailand!

1. Ride a Raptor – Dinosaur Planet Bangkok

Newly opened in March 2016, Dinosaur Planet is bringing the Mesozoic Era to downtown Bangkok. The “edutainment” center combines the thrill rides of a theme park with an educational slant.


One of the most popular attractions, the 4D Deep-World takes you underground on a 4D adventure where you’ll meet T-Rex! On the other hand, the ferris wheel lifts you high above the street level for a fantastic view of the Bangkok skyline.

Stars of Dino and Dino Farm are great for kids. Here you’ll be able to interact with a set of robotic dinosaurs and children can take a ride on their favorite gentle giant.



For a bit more education, head to Dinosaur District where you and your family can learn all about fossils, dinosaur eggs and the history of the dinosaurs.


Here’s a hot tip: be sure to stay into the evening. After the sun goes down, the Great Volcano and Extinction Live Show entertains audiences with a light show while dinosaurs fight for survival.

Here’s another hot tip: Because we’ve heard reports of long lines and busy attractions at the weekend, we definitely suggest you check out Dinosaur Planet Bangkok during the week.

Address: 544/1 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Getting There: The nearest BTS stop is Phrom Phong Station.

Contact: +66631676975

Opening hours: 10AM – 10PM

Entrance Fees: Adult entry from 600 Baht / USD $17.36; Child entry from 400 Baht / USD $11.57

2. Feed the Barnyard – Alpaca View

An unusual and definitely family-friendly destination, Alpaca View is a petting zoo, karaoke joint, farm and restaurant all rolled into one.


Upon reaching the farm, you’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the Eiffel Tower.There are models resembling farm houses, Nintendo characters and elephants scattered throughout. Every way you turn, there’s something new to fascinate the children.Thai food is served in the restaurant, but the main attraction is the animals. Of course, there are alpacas galore. For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting an alpaca, be forewarned. They spit.


There’s also sheep, donkeys, goats, ducks, rabbits and piglets to see. For 20 Baht (USD $0.57) you can buy a bottle of milk to feed the piglets. Alternatively, spend 40 Baht (USD $1.14) and you’ll have food or carrots for the donkeys, sheep, rabbits or alpacas.


Finally, if this whole experience has put you in the mood to sing “Old McDonald Had A Farm,” head over to the karaoke booth where you can yodel the night away.


All together, Alpaca View makes an evening of fun for any family visiting Bangkok

Address: Lad Prao Wanghin Rd, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230

Getting There: Take the MRT to Lad Phrao Station then hop in a taxi to the address above.

Contact: +660853322255

Opening hours: 5PM – 2AM

Price: Thai Dishes from 150 Baht / USD $4.35

3. Soar Like An Eagle – Flight Experience Bangkok

If you’ve ever wanted to fly a passenger jet, Flight Experience Bangkok is for you. This aviation entertainment center offers visitors the chance to operate a Boeing 737-800NG flight simulator. For most of us, it’s probably as close as we’re ever going to get to flying the real thing.


This activity is recommended for both children and adults. You’ll be able to practice your take-offs and landings, fly from one city to another or fly around your choice of landmark. (Our vote goes to The Grand Palace.)

If you’ve done this before, add some extra challenges to your simulation such as landing in bad weather or programming the autopilot. This Boeing 737 simulator includes state-of-the-arc technology like a high-tech visual system with a high definition projection onto a 180-degree curved screen.


You can fly into any of the 24,000 737-capable airports during the simulation. This activity is recommended for children above age 11, but it’s sure to be a memorable experience for everyone. As a final note, the simulator can seat 3 people, so you’ll be able to watch your kids either soar like an eagle or crash and burn.

Address: 982/22 Gateway Ekamai Room 2112 Sukhumvit Road, Prakanong, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110

Getting There: The nearest BTS station is Ekkamai

Contact: +66846142694

Opening hours: 9AM – 10PM

Price: From 4,550 Baht / USD $131.25

4. Combine Learn and Play – Kids’ Edutainment

Sure, vacation is supposed to be fun for kids, but what if your kids could learn about the world while still having the time of their lives? Check out these imaginative playlands where your kids might just learn something new on their break from school.

4a) What do you want to be when you grow up? – Kidzania


At Kidzania in the Siam Paragon Department Store, kids are faced with a single question: what do you want to be when you grow up? With over 100 activities, Kidzania helps children discover various jobs. They can bottle coca-cola, learn to make hamburgers, roll sushi or fight fires. The possibilities are endless!Through this process, Kidzania hopes to help children learn financial literacy, social skills, mutual cooperation and respect.


Address: 991 Rama I Road | 5th Floor, Siam Paragon Department Store, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Getting There: The nearest BTS station is Siam

Contact: +6626831888

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9AM – 5PM; Sat – Sun 10:30AM – 8:30PM

Entrance Fees: Adult entry from 420 Baht / USD $12.12; Child entry from 700 Baht / USD $20.19

4b) Hands-on Fun – Children’s Discovery Museum

Similar to Kidzania, but for a younger age group, Children’s Discovery Museum encourages children to discover how the world works through hands-on experiences. It’s a great place for inquisitive young minds!


Check out the science gallery to create giant bubbles while you are on the inside, or dig up dinosaur bones like an archaeologist. Just make sure you leave enough time for all the activities!

Address: Soi 4, Kamphaeng Phet Road | Chatuchak,Bangkok, Thailand

Getting There: The nearest BTS station is Mo Chit.

Contact: +6622724500

Opening hours: 10AM – 4PM

Entrance Fees: Free

4c) Take Advantage of Technology – Imaginia Playland

A newly refurbished technology-centric children’s center located in Emporium Mall, Imaginia Playland strives for a ‘learning through playing’ experience. There’s a thorough range of activities from art to strategic thinking for toddlers all the way to teens.


If that isn’t enough, children can also play in the dinosaur excavation site, the rock climbing wall, the balloon pit, the soft ball battle zone or the crafts and cooking stations. For the adults, relax with a foot massage while your children play.

Address: Sukhumvit 63,Sukhumvit Road,Klongtoey Nua,Wattana | 3F Park Lane, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Getting There: The nearest BTS station is Ekkamai.

Contact: +66023820077

Opening hours: Mon – Thur 9AM – 6PM; Fri – Sun 9AM – 7:30PM

Entrance Fees: Adult entry from 130 Baht / USD $3.75; Child entry from 250 Baht / USD $7.21

5. Cool Off! – Bangkok’s Water Parks

We all know that Bangkok can feel like you’re living in a boiling pot of water. The good news is that you and your family can have fun, and cool off without leaving the city by visiting these awesome water parks!

5a) Bangkok’s Secret Water Park – Fantasia Lagoon Water Park

With two identical water parks on top of Mall Bangkae and Mall Bangkapi, Fantasia Lagoon Water Park promises an afternoon of cool fun in downtown Bangkok. The park is split into several different sections, with activities suitable to all ages. There are shallow pools for toddlers to splash around in as well as large water slides for the older members of the family. But if you’re like us, the Lazy River is perfect for hours of relaxation.


There’s even a Pirate Cove area with a pirate ship for exploring! Just don’t spread the word too far. Fantasia Lagoon Water Park is still a bit of a secret!


Address: The Mall Bangkae 275 หมู่ 1 Phetkasem Rd, Bang Khae Nuea, Phasi Charoen, Bangkok 10600 or 3522 Lat Phrao Rd | Klong Chan, Bangkok 10240, Thailand

Getting There: The nearest SRT-City station to the Bangkapi location is Ramkhamhaeng, and the nearest BTS station to the Bangkae location is Bang Wa. But you’ll need to use additional private transportation or a tax to reach either from the public transportation stations.

Contact: +66024871000

Opening hours: 10:30AM – 10PM

Entrance Fees: From 200 Baht / USD $5.77

5b) Slide Over the City – Pororo Aquapark

Previously known as LeoLand, Pororo Aquapark is located in Central Bangnga department store. The newly renovated water park includes 9 pools and 4 slides with areas suitable to both children and adults.


The most exciting part of this water park is its water slide which catapults you over the street. You feel like you are suspended over mid-air, but it quickly pulls you back in and deposits you back on the roof in the safety of a pool.While this water park may not be on the same scale as those found in Hua Hin or Pattaya, it’s certainly worthy of a day of cool fun in Thailand’s capital.

Address: 585 Bagna-Trat Road | Central Plaza Bangna, 6 th Floor, Samut Prakan, Thailand

Getting There: The nearest BTS station is Udom Suk. There’s a free shuttle from the station to the department store every half an hour.

Contact: +6627457377

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 10:30AM – 7PM; Sat – Sun 10AM – 7PM

Entrance Fees: Adult entry from 400 Baht / USD $11.54; Child entry from 280 Baht / USD $8.08

6. Play in a Winter Wonderland – Dream World

Dream World is a large amusement park located on the outskirts of Bangkok. The park has plenty of attractions for all ages.


Older children will enjoy the thrill rides. These include the Skycoaster, the Viking, the Hurricane and the Flying Carpet. All four have elements of fast-paced, stomach-dropping movement.On the other hand, there are rides like the antique cars, bumper boats and a sightseeing train for smaller children.


If you’re looking to cool off, there are two options. First, you might enjoy the water rides such as the Super Splash or the Grand Canyon. But the second option is our absolute favorite! Snow Town is an indoor play area, complete with real snow!


You can bundle up in provided jackets then take turns sledding down the hill or building snowmen. Who would have thought that you could play with real snow in downtown Bangkok?!At the end of the day, take a sunset ride on the cable cars. Then catch a lift back to your hotel as you reflect on all the fun you had at Dream World Bangkok.

Address: Moo 1 62 Rungsit-Ongkarak Road (Kilometer 7th) | Bueng Yitho, Thanyaburi 12130, Thailand

Getting There: Dream World is unfortunately not located near Bangkok’s public transportation systems. It is close to Don Mueang International Airport, and you can reach it through a complicated bus system. However, it is far more convenient to purchase a package which includes transfers from your hotel.

Contact: +6625331152

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 10AM – 5PM; Sat – Sun 10AM – 7PM

Entrance Fees: From 1000 Baht / USD $28.85

7. Get Your Next Profile Picture – Art in Paradise

If you’ve every wanted to be a part of a painting, you can do just that at Art in Paradise. This easy-to-reach interactive art gallery features 2 stories of 3D masterpieces. These are painted on the walls and floors with superb accuracy and shading to make it look like you can just walk right into them!


As a visitor, you’ll be invited to participate in upwards of a dozen scenes including Stairway to Hell, the Coronation of an Emperor and Ride a Flying Carpet.


It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but the game is to find the best pose for each scene. There are hundreds of possibilities and you’ll see that every guest is trying to get the best pic. On most of the paintings, arrows have been placed to show the best angle and pose. The results are stunning!So, if you’re ready for a new profile picture of you and your family, get yourselves to Art in Paradise.

Address: Ratchadapisek Road, Din Daeng,Din Daeng, Bangkok, Thailand 10400

Getting There: The nearest MRT station is Thailand Cultural Centre.

Contact: +6626609130

Opening hours: 10AM – 10PM

Entrance Fees: Adult entry from 300 Baht / USD $8.65; Child entry from 200 Baht / USD $5.77

8. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth – Mr. Jones’ Orphanage

Perhaps the most delectable entry on this list of family fun activities in Bangkok, Mr. Jones’ Orphanage isn’t exactly your typical orphanage – it’s actually a really cool cafe!


This cake shop has an astounding array of sweets. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw all of the goodies!From the M&M Kit Kat cake to the strawberry sponge cake, we don’t know how you’ll pick just one cake to try. There are a couple dozen options, at least.


The “Orphanage” is overflowing with teddy bears and wooden trains, a childhood dream come true. Even the coffee comes out with a teddy bear design.Today, there are several branches of Mr. Jones’ Orphanage in malls throughout Bangkok. However, the original still holds a dear spot in the hearts of those who have been visiting Mr. Jones’ Orphanage for years. Try it on your next trip to Bangkok to start your own coffee and cake tradition.

Address: 251/1 Thonglor Soi 13 | G Floor, Seen Space, Bangkok

Getting There: The nearest BTS station is Thong Lo

Contact: +6621852378

Opening hours: 10AM – 12AM

Price: Cakes from 104 Baht / USD $3.00

Source:Trip canvas

Not everyone wants “old world”, history and castles. For lovers of all things modern, slick and exceptional design there are some great contemporary luxury hotels in Ireland. From trendy and hip to architecturally impressive there is something for every style.

1. Cliff House Hotel, Waterford

Perched on a cliff looking out to huge sea views, this new contemporary hotel has a Michelin star restaurant, spa, and floor to ceiling views of the ocean. Small in seize but not in stature, the hotel is famous for luxury and fine dining. Additionally every room features a one-off work by a leading Irish artists, be it a canvas comprised of polished glass, or a playful homage to the Aran jumper. Each piece, commissioned by the Cliff’s owner-designer Gerri O’Callaghan, works with modern egg-shaped baths and back-lit headboards that perfectly reflect a sense of contemporary Irish style. The veranda suites offer a large balcony that takes in massive sea views and overhang the waves below crashing on the cliff edge. The stunning glass balconies celebrate the cliffside location, the building’s cascading terraces causing nothing to hinder your view. You might even spot a Minke Whale or a nesting Kittiwake while you take in pretty Ardmore Bay.


2. The Europe Hotel & and Spa, Killarney

This 5 star Killarney hotel is located in the stunning County Kerry on the south west coast, overlooking the famous Lakes of Killarney, Lough Lein, the largest reflects the wilderness of Kerry’s magnificent McGillycuddy Reeks Mountain range. Away from the hustle and bustle of Killarney town, this hotel is stunning in its appointment and relaxing in its atmosphere. One of the best places to base yourself while touring the world famous ring of Kerry.


ESPA at The Europe Hotel is billed as one of the most luxurious spas in Ireland . It is spread over two levels. The active level boasts two pools, a fitness studio, and thermal suite which includes a salt water pool, sauna, steam room, ice fountain and relaxation areas, again overlooking the stunning hotel grounds. It’s one of those ‘because you’re worth it’ destinations

3. g hotel, Galway

Located in the vibrant and colourful Galway city, the 5 star g hotel is the epitome of contemporary style and glamour. Design director, the famous Irish milliner Philip Treacy, strove to create a five-star hotel interior unlike anything seen before in Ireland. His unique flamboyant style can be seen and his attention to detail is evident everywhere – from the use of colour and exquisite materials, to the choice of the hotel’s artwork. The bathrooms are in Jura limestone, with double showers in all suites and bathroom products by Etro – exclusively made in Milan. Bold colours, artistic influences and light instillations that certainly have the wow factor! A fantastic contrast to the rustic whiskey pubs and Irish traditional music scene in the scenic culture city, the g hotel is only a stones through from the bustling Eyre Square were the best restaurants and Irish pubs are all located.The spa and pool will melt away the aches and pains of guided hill walks in the stunning Connemara landscape or cycle tours of the nearby beautiful Aran Islands.


4. Ice House Hotel, Mayo

The river suite of this historical but contemporary designed hotel is so beautiful one can stare out the floor-to-ceiling windows all day. The spa is small but who can complain when you are sitting in an outdoor hot tub in a light mist, overlooking the river. So relaxing and special. The view of the river and birds and boats is very special. It feels like a secret, stylish getaway (in an unexpected location) and you still manage to feel close to nature.


The new glass addition complements the historical original part of the building and cleverly opens the boutique hotel out into the ever-changing river Moy views. The restaurant, serving fantastic locally produced food in a delicious and contemporary way, makes full advantage of the views of the nature that surrounds. Perfect for long slow dinners followed by an after dinner cocktail. A hidden gem in Ireland’s north west and a unique experience.

5. The Dean Hotel, Dublin

Funky, cool and quirky. The pop artist in you will love this luxury boutique city hotel. Developed by the Press Up Entertainment Group, which also operates U2′s Clarence Hotel, The Dean is an urbane and boldly-designed hotel that gives Dublin city’s boutique hotel scene a much-needed jolt.E

The location is fantastic, within lovely walking distance and lovely walks to all the high end shopping and best restaurants. This is a city stay that is a destination in itself. Surrounded by some of Dublin’s busiest bars and nightclubs, The Dean is not for the faint hearted or the seeker of tranquillity. However, inside the eclectically designed rooms you are a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of Dublin’s night life. The light-filled, higher floor bedrooms with dual-aspect looking out over Dublin rooftops and framed by city sky scenes. Included is a 50″ TV (with Netflix subscription), and a retro record player with a selection of classic vinyls to soundtrack your stay. This is not the place to come for a quiet rest of the head, so enjoy the music!


Source: Luxury Travel Blog