Ehang has created the 184 AAV, a drone that is unlike any other.  The company has shown us many unique drone designs throughout the years, but this drone is entirely different or it may be more accurate to say the complete opposite of all of them.  The drone allows you to sit inside itself as it gives you a ride through the sky in comfort and the best part is you don’t even have to operate it because the drone will fly itself.  So just put your feet up and enjoy the ride.


Ehang CEO Huazhi Hu started the idea of a one-passenger electric drone a couple of years ago, which was just after two of his pilot friends were killed in plane crashes.  So Mr. Hu decided that people should have a form of short-to-medium distance personal air transport that would not require the passenger to have a pilot’s license, this took a lot of danger out of low-altitude flying.


The 184 was created so a person could easily get in, power up the drone, select their desired destination using a 12 inch touchscreen tablet, press “take off”, and then let the drone’s automated flight systems take over.  The drone’s automated flight system can handle tasks like communication with air traffic control and any additional aircraft’s in the area, obstacles in the drone’s path, and navigation, the Ehang 184 AAV will always take you on the fastest and safest route, all you need to do is enjoy the view til you reach your destination.


The 184 features carbon fiber or an epoxy composite body, an aerial aluminium alloy frame, and eight motors giving out 142 hp/106 kw to eight propellers.  The eight propellers are divided into groups of two, each pair being situated at the top and bottom of one of four arms.  Each arm can fold up when the drone lands on the ground, which makes the drone take up less space.  It will take four hours to charge the drone’s 14.4 kWh battery pack in trickle mode or only two hours in fast charge mode, with a full charge the drone can keep one passenger airborne for up to 23 minutes at sea level.  The drone weighs 44o lb, can carry up to 264 lb, has a top speed of 62 mph and can reach an altitude of 11,480 ft.


The 184 has trunk space to store things like a briefcase or backpack.  The drone also features full interior and exterior lighting, 4G internet connection, air conditioning, and gull-wing doors.  A “Failsafe System” will take over if ever any malfunctions occur, not to mention passengers can stop the drone and hover in place if need be.  The drone was named 184 because there’s “one passenger, eight propellers and four arms.”  Prices for the Ehang 184 AAV start at $200,000.

Source: The Extravagant