Yoga on the beach anyone? Agent Chris Cortazzo is betting Malibu, Calif.’s famed yoga, surfing, flip-flop culture will entice a deep-pocked buyer to pony up for a new construction he is listing there. “Our lifestyle is outside. You could be in London and have a beautiful place, but if you can’t just be outdoors in a t-shirt and flip-flops, it’s a whole different lifestyle,” says Cortazzo of Coldwell Banker. “There’s sophistication to it, but also a casualness.”
Not casual? The home’s $57.5 million price tag.
The median sale price for a single-family home in Malibu was $2.8 million in the first quarter of 2017, according to appraiser Miller Samuel, up 14.3% year-over-year. Sales volume was up 20%, while inventory was flat. The local average price per square foot was $1,061.


At over 8,000 square-feet, the home is near three times the size of the typical home build in America today. However, it is small for the price tag. At more than $7,000 per square foot, the home is asking more than five times the local average for homes sold and 50% higher than the per square foot price of the most expensive Malibu sale for which that figure is known.
Such sky-high per square foot asks are more common in Manhattan, where the average is $1,778 but the top 10% of the market averages $3,157. Manhattan’s highest price ever achieved–$100.47 million for a 10,923 square foot penthouse–worked out to about $9,200 a square foot.

Malibu’s highest ever sale closed in early May, when billionaire David Geffen sold a compound on the opposite side of town for $85 million. Public records do not show that home’s size either. The previous record, set in 2013, was $75 million. At about 20,000 square feet, that home went for $3,750 a square foot.


The ask is high, but the never-lived in home is a beauty.
The build was completed last year and the Cape Cod-inspired compound hit the market in January. The main home has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and one half-bath. A separate guest house has an additional bedroom and bathroom. Situated on 1.72 acres the home boasts panoramic ocean views and beach access. There’s also a 70 by 25 foot pool and an outdoor pizza kitchen. “It’s just completely luxurious, and it’s ready to have a large party,” says Cortazzo.
Public records shield the identity of the owner of 33740 Pacific Coast Hwy. Cortazzo will not disclose the owner, but says it was built to sell. The current owner bought the property from Marta Kauffman, co-creator of the sitcom “Friends,” in 2007 for $10.7 million.
There are at least three more expensive properties publicly on the market in the beach-enclave right now. One house, located less than a mile away at 33218 Pacific Coast Hwy, is asking $60 million. A vacant plot is also asking $60 million. And a newly constructed modernist mansion recently listed for $80 million.


Cortazzo thinks Malibu is just getting started, “I’ve never been so busy. I think people are understanding the value of Malibu, the lifestyle that Malibu has to offer, and it is really exciting to see it kick in.” He claims buyers who in the past would have bought in the Hamptons–New Yorkers’ favorite high-end beach getaway–are now looking to Malibu.
Jonathan Miller, CEO of Miller Samuel offers a different perspective: “Is Malibu having a moment? I feel like what it is doing is benefiting from some of what we are seeing at the high end of the market [nationally]. We are seeing more sellers becoming in sync with market conditions which leads to more sales.”


How would one travel the world if there were no limitations? Envision a vacation filled with nearly unfathomable luxury, a global excursion that caters to jetsetters’ every innermost desire…a trip so astonishing one could only call it fantasy. Luckily, you can stop imagining, as experiential travel boutique DreamMaker has just launched a world-class vacation around the globe, turning the most affluent travelers’ wildest dreams into reality.


Passport to 50 is DreamMaker’s first private jet offering, and it represents the absolute most over-the-top opulent trip around the world ever devised. From accommodations to experiences to cuisine, not a single expense has been spared. The trip features two privately outfitted Boeing 767 business jets that will fly guests to twenty remarkable cities in twenty days. And at every step along the way, they will experience a level of astonishing luxury typically only reserved for royalty.


Passport to 50 is the first ever private jet trip to completely circumnavigate the globe, covering 50,000 kilometers in 20 days. Koh Samui, Cannes, London, Barcelona, and Ibiza are just a few of the noteworthy exotic locales one billionaire client will travel with a party of up to 50 of their closest family, friends, and associates. The extravagant adventure includes an astounding time ratio of 88% on the ground and 12% in the air, allowing travelers to surely make the most of their journey around the world. Highlights of the grandiose trip include a $500,000 charity poker tournament with the world’s top ranked poker player, a stay at the rebranded “Hotel 50” in London, and a set of 18-karat gold swizzle sticks worth $1 million.


To provide guests with utterly impeccable service, Passport to 50 is equipped with a staff of 50 hand-selected professionals (for a one-to-one staff-to-guest ratio), and each is a master of their respective field. For instance, DreamMaker goes above and beyond the typical expectations of standard luxury jet vacations by appointing hypnotherapist April Norris to develop a holistic program that blends sleep technology with a variety of wellness techniques — including Reiki healing, Ayurvedic medicine, and hypnotherapy — to help ensure each guest stays in the ultimate state of relaxation during the duration of their stay.


DreamMaker’s attention to detail when accommodating to guests’ comfort and relaxation is truly unprecedented, leaving passengers with plenty of energy to play in the $500,000 charity in-flight poker. Sitting 30,000 feet up alongside one of the most famed and respected players in poker history, travelers will test the limits of their poker skills. And the tournament is one of several bespoke activities that guests will engage in during their trip, each specifically designed to be an unforgettable experience in and of itself.


One will be sure to want to enjoy sipping on a few fine cocktails during their flight across the globe, and like the cuisine, the wine and spirits available will be nothing but the best the world has to offer. However, in an effort to make drinking a cocktail on Passport to 50 an absolutely unforgettably opulent experience, DreamMaker commissioned partner World of Diamonds Group to devise the trip’s most lavish amenity — the aforementioned set of 18-karat gold swizzle sticks with dazzling white and blue diamonds, worth a total of $1 million. Twenty white sparklers are arranged into a spinning globe atop the swizzle sticks to represent the twenty cities that will be visited on Passport to 50.


While one’s experience in the air will be utterly divine, the adventures on the ground will be where the most significant memories are forged. Each stop will present activities that are unique to the culture and feel of the diverse cities you’ll be traveling to. A particularly significant stop on one’s journey is a stay at the iconic Hotel 41 in London. As mentioned, the luxurious hotel will be the first in the world to effectively rebrand itself into “Hotel 50.” Far more than a mere superficial rebrand, changes include chipping out the hotel’s marble tile in the foyer, integrating newly monogrammed beds and bath linens, and completely revamping the hotel’s interior.


DreamMaker’s latest design was obviously created for a jetsetter with the most extravagant of tastes. The deluxe vacation is currently being offered at $13,875,000 for a party of up to 50 people and departs in August of this year. Passport to 50 is a trip that meets seemingly unreachable expectations, is rich with luxury, and clearly reigns superior to all other exceedingly-lavish inclusive private jet trips. And if you can afford it (a big “if,” even for our readers), then you simply have no excuse.


Source: Jetset



Which of these incredible beasts was the most beautiful? Was it Ferrari’s 789-horsepower 812 Superfast and GTC4Lusso? Roll-Royce’s 624-hp Wraith, or 563-hp Dawn? (Rolls has many 12-cylinder offerings, but I’m thinking of cars with a certain visual panache here.) Lamborghini’s 740-hp Aventador? Bentley’s 633-hp Continental GT?

These cars are as varied in their styling as they are in their on-road personality. Where the stylish, extravagant 812 flaunts itself around corners like a supermodel, the bulging body-builder Bentley punches forward like a heavyweight boxer. The Wraith is handsome, confident, and sure, an automotive Jason Statham. The Aventador, all geometric edges and screaming fury, is by far the wildest of the lot over any road configuration. They range in price from roughly US$200,000 for the Continental GT to US$320,000 and up for the Superfast and the two Rolls. (And even those prices are rough estimates; virtually every person who owns them chooses customisations and options that make the price as bespoke as the car.)

And yet none, to me, are the most perfectly proportioned and stylishly designed. That title belongs to the Aston Martin DB11.


That the DB11 is beautiful is no news. Since it made its debut last year, the US$230,345 coupe has won critical and popular worship as a masterpiece. Somehow the folks at Aston figured out how to make the four-wheeled equivalent of Michelangelo’s David: curved across its clamshell hood, muscled along the side haunches, edged across its bladed 20-inch diamond-turned rims and casually potent, from the slender veins of his feet to the curled locks on his brow.

Er, from the new wide front grill to the rear aero blade and deployable spoiler, I mean. I’m talking about the car.

Anyway, photos don’t do (either piece of art) justice. But what I would like to offer for your consideration is the idea that this four-seater is the most capital-B “Beautiful” 12-cylinder car on the market today. Even sweeter: It’s fairly priced, when compared with the others in its class.


Beauty on Purpose

Aston Martin chief Andy Palmer has said multiple times that his goal is to make the most beautiful cars in the world. In an industry that produces such complex, expensive products, it’s not a crazy thing to say, but it’s also nonstandard. Usually it’s the power of a car, the handling, and the performance that a carmaker brags about first. But Palmer is refreshing in his single-mindedness. Over more than a decade that I’ve been writing about cars, he’s the only automotive executive I’ve heard say point-blank that looks are his top priority.


The DB11 makes 600 horsepower and hits 62 mph in 3.9 seconds.Photo: Bloomberg

He understands that beauty commands action and form follows function. A beautiful-looking car, in theory though not always in reality, will drive beautifully, too.

The DB11 epitomizes Palmer’s goal. This car will elicit feelings in you that will go unprinted here. Here, masculine (the huge, snarling air intakes in the roof) and feminine (the svelte side body) combine in the DB11 better than in any other modern car.

Its lateral-rung grille, spread long and low across the front, is a totally new look for Aston, as is the soft clamshell style hood and those cool rims bladed like the knives of a sushi master. New also are the full LED headlights slanted seductively along the front; their beams can even corner along with the road as the car moves forward. If there is a car that could make something like the good-looking Jaguar F-Type look stubby, this is it.

What’s more, and unlike some others in its segment (Lamborghini Huracán, ahem) visibility and road clearance aren’t sacrificed for looks. In the DB11, you can both see potholes and clear them.


The two doors open up and out. Photo: Bloomberg

An Interior on a Par With the Exterior

Better yet, unlike many supercars, here the interior is as deluxe and well thought-out as the exterior.

To recreate the US$255,000 DB11 I drove will cost roughly US$20,000 in cosmetic upgrades. (That’s just on the inside.) Sitting in this cabin is like sitting inside a beautiful blond-leather Birkin bag—it smells like the inside of a Birkin, too, with a feel as soft to the touch as the calfskin in the Wraith, which costs nearly twice as much. You’ll want to spring for the warm blond interior tone called All Sahara Tan and make sure the top of the ceiling matches the seat insets as well (US$2,270). You’ll also need the brogue detailing on the doors (US$2,270)—richer than I’ve seen on a new car, swirled in hue like Turkish coffee and milk.


The interior is covered in blond and warm honey-colored wood and leather. Photo: Bloomberg

The contrast stitching (US$570) and intricate quilted design splayed like fans across the top of the seats and the ceiling (US$2,270) are great. They are a welcome change from the diamond-stitched designs that have become ubiquitous in cars of this calibre over the past few years. A “Satin Tan Lace Wood” trim inlay (US$500) and gloss black speakers (US$920) help complete the look. Consider it your own personal blonde calfskin cocoon.

Plenty of New Charms

Those familiar with this brand will be delighted with other interior upgrades from past Aston Martin models as well. Instead of starting the car by inserting a sleek key fob into the dashboard, the DB11’s fob simply must be in proximity to the car to activate the push-button start. The interior lights illuminate by touch, and a large storage compartment in the centre console slides open and closed at the flick of a tiny lever in the centre console.

On the dash, a single round LCD dial in the middle of a 12-inch screen tells speeds and engine status. You can see which of the three drive modes you’ve engaged there as well.

And the back, well, it’s smaller than what you’ll find in the four-seat, four-door Aston Martin Rapide. It’s far more beautiful, though, with the same fanned-out stitching and lush leather wrapping you at every turn. It’ll just require a pronounced hunch and knee swivel to the side for any adult to sit among its charms.

The Beauty of the Drive

As for performance, well, this column is about beauty. But it’s worth saying that in the DB11, precision and personality cohabitate flawlessly, as in a driver’s dream.

Where something like the McLaren 570S masters precision, and the Lamborghini Huracán gives personality, each are rather weighted to one end of that spectrum or the other. Meanwhile, DB11 is smooth and balanced, and fast, and powerful.


The car comes with three drive modes and a push-button start. Photo: Bloomberg

The proof is in the sales, which have far exceeded expectations: Aston Martin says demand for the DB11 will push company revenue up by 37 per cent this year. In the fourth quarter alone last year, orders for the coupe rose 48 per cent, according to a company statement in February. It’s a strong step forward for the company that says it wants to introduce a new car into the market every nine months until 2020.

Here’s the Rundown

The DB11 makes 600 horsepower and hits 62 mph in 3.9 seconds. Top speed is 200 mph. Driving it feels as balanced as a metronome: You can get the back end to swivel a bit when you punch the gas (I like that), but the car quickly rights itself and grabs the road for more. You know how your favorite crazy uncle hugs you after a long time apart? Like that. It won’t let up.


The handles of the doors face outward, rather than the customary inward slots. Photo: Bloomberg

Stability, traction, and torque control make the DB11 truly nimble to drive. One note: The brakes can feel extremely aggressive. Abrupt, even, if you haven’t yet warmed up and worked in the car.


The key start and controls are new and upgraded from previous Aston Martins. Photo: Bloomberg


Vietnam is quickly becoming a major travel hotspot, but most well-heeled travelers have never heard of Con Dao. It is a group of stunning pristine tropical islands off the southern tip of Vietnam. The fact that most have never heard of it is what makes it exclusive. It’s also the location of an unforgettable vacation courtesy of the Six Senses Resort and Spa Con Dao, Vietnam.


Six Senses is an exclusive hotel brand with only nine resorts in wonderfully secluded and exotic locations around the world. Their Vietnamese property is located in Con Son which is the largest of the 16 islands in the Con Dao archipelago.  The island is mountainous with many isolated beaches and surrounded by clear blue water. There is an active harbor, local market, and many landmarks and temples to explore. The only traffic jam there is when the occasional group of cows crosses the road and holds up a few cars and motor bikes.


Six Senses Con Dao is on a mile long stretch flawless stretch of beach in a cove surrounded by a rugged natural reserve. Couples can be seen each morning walking hand in hand along the beach.  No need to jockey for position for best spot on the beach for your chaise lounge. In fact, they don’t even have them on the beach. For beach views and sun tanning, your chaise lounges are on your villa’s private pool deck with direct views of the beach and sea.


There are only 50 villas on the property.  The décor does not feature fancy neon lighting or trendy color palates, just what you would find in nature with teak wood and bamboo as the main building materials. The heart of the resort is designed after a traditional Vietnamese fishing village and perfectly blends in with the natural surroundings.


Most of the villas are two stories. On the first floor is your full-sized pool, deck and outdoor living space, indoors there is a spacious bath with large tub. The shower is outdoors in a garden courtyard. Upstairs is beautiful with a king-sized bed with draped netting. The bed faces the ocean and the sound of the waves lulls guests to sleep each night. There is a balcony with sitting area and unobstructed sea views. There are other villas with two, three, and four bedrooms and even larger pools and a full kitchen perfect for large families or friends traveling together.


The dining experience at the Six Senses Con Dao is exquisite. Couples gather at their By the Beach restaurant for a candle lit dinner under the stars and an eclectic menu of seafood, meats, and local dishes with excellent wine pairings.   Their other restaurant is the Vietnamese By the Market which serves exquisite traditional Vietnamese dishes.


Many guests vacation there to celebrate a honeymoon, anniversary, or birthday. The resort goes above and beyond to create an even more special memories with a series of destination dining experiences such as dining in the wine cellar, in their vegetable and herb garden under, or high on a cliff overlooking the sea.

Six Senses Con Dao provides holidays for those looking to just relax or for the active traveler and the resort’s activities team has a wide variety of options to choose from.  A great way to see the island is to explore by motor scooter and the tour will take guests to the center of town and to explore the market as well as to temples, pagodas, and other landmarks.


Con Dao is in the middle of the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Thailand so there are endless options to enjoy the water from above and below. The resort can arrange snorkeling or scuba dives to see beautiful underwater life with amazing coral formations and exotic and colorful fish.

There’s also plenty to do at the resort as well from movies nights under the stars, countless activities for children, and even a golf where guests can drive EcoBioBalls into the sea which dissolve and serve as fish food.


To relax and rejuvenate, the Spa at Six Senses Con Dao is a complete facility in a natural setting. The Vietnamese treatment is a highly recommended traditional massage incorporating pressure point techniques, heated suction cups, and local natural oils.  The spa menu is comprehensive with a wide range of spa services from pampering, to therapeutic, Yoga to beauty.  Transformative wellness journeys are also offered from three to 21 days.


What really makes the experience at the Six Sense Can Dao unforgettable is the friendly service that guests receive at each interaction; from the warm and friendly greeting at the airport to the restaurant staff or the house keeper. As you walk around the property, you will constantly hear the Vietnamese greeting of Xin Ciao with a warm a friendly smile from the staff.


Each guest is also assigned a GEM or Guest Experience Maker which is there to make sure that all of your needs are met. Need a spa appointment, advice on where to go, or anything to make your trip complete, you have a personal assistant to make sure it happens and is hassle free.

Six Senses Con Dao is one of those vacation experiences that gets it just right.  The resort is located on an exotic tropical beach and only has 50 villas so it never feels crowded. The spa, activities, dining is exquisite and, to top it all off, the service could not be more warm or professional. For those looking for an unforgettable tropical getaway in South East Asia, the Six Sense Con Dao is the perfect choice.

Source: JustLuxe



The opulent homes in the village of Kings Point served as inspiration for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby—and this one reportedly inspired the set design for the 2013 film. Diehard fans who long to throw legendary parties of their own will want to snap up The Estate at Kings Point, an eight-acre waterfront property about 45 minutes from New York City. Built in 1928, the glitzy, glamorous establishment would have made Jay Gatsby himself proud.




The immaculately manicured grounds showcase century-old trees, sculptured shrubs, and inlaid stone driveways. Fountains and statues (including a full-size replica of Michelangelo’s David) add old-world charm to the eye-popping estate. In the backyard, tennis courts and a stunning swimming pool outfitted with a cabana and swim-up bar are silhouetted by the water. A large dock that can accommodate a 200-foot yacht extends over Long Island Sound.




The estate features 18 bedrooms and 32 bathrooms, which are spread across the original mansion and two smaller mansions that function as guest homes. Bedecked with marble, malachite, lapis lazuli, gold leaf, and agate, the extravagant interiors were designed to wow. The main Estate House—which has six bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and three half baths—is outfitted with everything from a 10-car garage to a 3,000-bottle wine cellar. Water-like marble inlaid with fish, floor-to-ceiling aquariums, and a sea medallion in the entry foyer create a sea theme, and a formal living room and dining room can effortlessly host a soiree or dinner party. The home is further equipped with a spa, sauna, hair salon, gym, racquetball court, wine vault, and lounge—all perfectly suited for Gatsby-style parties.


Showcasing five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and three half baths, the Carriage House offers an equally indulgent stay. A casino room, pool, Moroccan spa, two-lane bowling alley, and theater solidify the home’s standing as a bona fide party zone. The Rodney House (equipped with seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and two half baths) includes a great room with a fireplace, a formal dining room, an eat-in kitchen, and a den. The estate is currently on the market for $85 million—a small price to pay for an estate this epic.




Source: Robb Report


This international team of eclectic architects and designers turn architecture into art and give clients, ideal movie style homes, unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

They think out of the box, bring new meaning to the word ‘wow” and have developed a luxury name on a par with any super yacht designer. It could be a minimalist house in England, a tropical villa in the West Indies or a modern luxury super home in California. If you seek the best, then Asetti are the designers to provide it.

‘They bring new meaning to the word “wow”.’

Founded by international luxury designer Chris Clayton, Asetti has a wonderful new addition, with a new partner and senior architect in the way of legend Arthur Dyson.  One of the only architects to have been under the tutelage of legendary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, gaining further recognition with 200 architectural awards including the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Presidential Award (2006) and The Lifetime Achievement Award (2014). With Arthur’s unsurpassed experience and Chris’s exceptional creative abilities, Asetti are the perfect dream team.

International luxury designer Chris Clayton

Partner and senior architect in the way of legend Arthur Dyson

Asetti Ethos

They share a common goal and that is to create stylish homes of worldwide significance, genuine beauty and timeless luxury. To bestow upon the client a unique work of art and a beautiful home, they love to live in; a luxury home that was created with loving care and dedication to perfection. The clients see it, they feel it and they know it. It is an Asetti design and a design that only Asetti can create. This is the ethos of Asetti.

Here are just a few of their spectacular new designs. You can see more at their web site www.asetti.com

Atlantis by Asetti

Recent super house designs include the amazing ‘Atlantis’. An incredible 5,000 sqm (53,819.55 sq.ft) luxury super home. Briana James in the Premier Luxury Lifestyle Magazine ‘Dolce Vita Diamond’, called it the most beautiful house design in the world today. It comes with 10 Presidential suites, a boat dock under the home and a whole myriad of luxury features. Simply overflows with the ‘wow’ factor.




Luna by Asetti

‘Luna’ is one of their most recent and available as a design for the discerning client looking for that extra something special. Originally conceived, as a hill top home overlooking Los Angeles. Striking, modern and extremely cool this home is the ideal pad for those who seek a fashionable lifestyle and a fabulous place to call home.


Utopia by Asetti – The James Bond House, as it has fondly referred to by many.


What makes Asetti’s designs so fascinating is the depth to which they research and craft the end result. The passion and imagination that goes into each one is mind blowing. You are not only getting a unique architectural design, but one that pushes the levels to whole new artistic heights. They literally have, taken home design, turned the industry on its head and created a whole new level of luxury lifestyle. By doing this, they have turned architecture into art and invented the super home.

Eden by Asetti – Inspired by a tropical paradise location and the fabulous home seen in the 1960’s TV show, Thunderbirds.


Arthur’s Stunning ‘Hilton Residence’ in Florida, is one of the truly great examples of organic design in the world today. Photographs courtesy of David Swann.


Eclipse by Asetti


The Lake House by Asetti


If you fancy living a unique luxury lifestyle or would like a dream home to match the yacht, then you can contact Asetti via their website www.asetti.com

Source: Luxury News Online

The Ferrari of Rail

Remember Japan’s ultra-luxe sleeper train that’s the handiwork of Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama? The train will have a fare that befits its lavish nature. The price of staying in the train’s Shiki-shima suite will be nearly a million yen, 950,000 to be exact, which comes to almost US$8,700. Other passengers can stay in the standard 15 dual occupancy suites which will be priced between 750,000 and 770,000 yen ($6865 – $7050). Another deluxe suite with dual-occupancy will be available for 900,000 yen per person (about $8,235).


For these prices passengers get to enjoy their own suites as well as dedicated common spaces for lounging, dining and enjoying the view. The train features 10 cars in total, with four reserved for common spaces and six allotted to the 34 passengers willing to pay for the four day trip.


The journey will begin at Tokyo’s Ueno Station and the train will travel through Nikko Station in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, and Hakodate Station in Hokkaido. The train will go as far as Noboribetsu, Hokkaido before eventually returning to Ueno Station though a coastal route.



If you’re planning a trip in May or June, visit the website for the East Japan Railway Co.



Source: Luxury Launches


Breaking records as the most expensive home ever to be listed in the United States—and easily one of the most expensive homes in the world—this newly built, $250 million estate in Bel Air is a theme park of designer names, bespoke leathers and fabrics, and one-off pieces. Every detail of the 38,000-square-foot home was meticulously curated to create an experience that is purely Hollywood, and one that developer Bruce Makowsky says was inspired by yachts. “People pay $100 to $200 million for their yacht, but were content paying only $30 million for the home that they live in everyday,” explains Makowsky. “The real estate market wasn’t keeping up.”


The spec estate’s four stories are stacked in a horseshoe shape around a centralized 85-foot infinity pool and 17,000-square-foot entertainment space, which is visually reminiscent of the decks aboard a ship. And similar to a yachting experience, everything you need is at your fingertips. Just beyond the pool is a row of canary palm trees and a quintessential view of Los Angeles, sweeping from Santa Monica Beach to downtown L.A. A hydraulic 18-by-10-foot television, guarded by two eye-catching metallic crocodile sculptures, seemingly rises from the pool’s depth at the touch of a button. Flanking the pool on one side is a hair salon and spa and an outdoor pavilion with a bar on the other.


Overall, the bright, open-aired spaces boast two master suites (one with what Makowsky believes is the largest hot tub ever built), 10 oversized guest suites, 21 bathrooms, five bars, two wine cellars, a gym with Technogym equipment, three gourmet kitchens (one with a beautifully restored vintage Berkel deli slicer), and three dining areas (one of which features a custom-made Fendi dining table and Roberto Cavalli tableware). Downstairs the fun continues with a four-lane bowling alley with Louis Vuitton decor; a massive candy selection; Teckell Ping-Pong, pool, and foosball tables; a 40-seat 4K Dolby Atmos theater; and a $30 million auto gallery with 10 motorcycles, including an electric Lito Green Motion Sora, and 12 cars, featuring a limited-edition Bugatti Veyron, a 1936 50K Mercedes Benz, and a Pagani Huayra.


Sold turnkey, the estate also comes with an extensive collection of artwork. Highlights include an oversized metallic sculpture of a Leica camera by Chinese artist Liao Yibai, a vertical pinball machine made from Veuve Clicquot Champagne bottles, and framed Rock Royalty custom guitars. Not to be forgotten is a functional Hobie 16 catamaran and an original Bell 222A helicopter from the television series Airwolf that has been restored with orange Hermès and Louis Vuitton leather.

Source: Robb Report

Not everyone wants “old world”, history and castles. For lovers of all things modern, slick and exceptional design there are some great contemporary luxury hotels in Ireland. From trendy and hip to architecturally impressive there is something for every style.

1. Cliff House Hotel, Waterford

Perched on a cliff looking out to huge sea views, this new contemporary hotel has a Michelin star restaurant, spa, and floor to ceiling views of the ocean. Small in seize but not in stature, the hotel is famous for luxury and fine dining. Additionally every room features a one-off work by a leading Irish artists, be it a canvas comprised of polished glass, or a playful homage to the Aran jumper. Each piece, commissioned by the Cliff’s owner-designer Gerri O’Callaghan, works with modern egg-shaped baths and back-lit headboards that perfectly reflect a sense of contemporary Irish style. The veranda suites offer a large balcony that takes in massive sea views and overhang the waves below crashing on the cliff edge. The stunning glass balconies celebrate the cliffside location, the building’s cascading terraces causing nothing to hinder your view. You might even spot a Minke Whale or a nesting Kittiwake while you take in pretty Ardmore Bay.


2. The Europe Hotel & and Spa, Killarney

This 5 star Killarney hotel is located in the stunning County Kerry on the south west coast, overlooking the famous Lakes of Killarney, Lough Lein, the largest reflects the wilderness of Kerry’s magnificent McGillycuddy Reeks Mountain range. Away from the hustle and bustle of Killarney town, this hotel is stunning in its appointment and relaxing in its atmosphere. One of the best places to base yourself while touring the world famous ring of Kerry.


ESPA at The Europe Hotel is billed as one of the most luxurious spas in Ireland . It is spread over two levels. The active level boasts two pools, a fitness studio, and thermal suite which includes a salt water pool, sauna, steam room, ice fountain and relaxation areas, again overlooking the stunning hotel grounds. It’s one of those ‘because you’re worth it’ destinations

3. g hotel, Galway

Located in the vibrant and colourful Galway city, the 5 star g hotel is the epitome of contemporary style and glamour. Design director, the famous Irish milliner Philip Treacy, strove to create a five-star hotel interior unlike anything seen before in Ireland. His unique flamboyant style can be seen and his attention to detail is evident everywhere – from the use of colour and exquisite materials, to the choice of the hotel’s artwork. The bathrooms are in Jura limestone, with double showers in all suites and bathroom products by Etro – exclusively made in Milan. Bold colours, artistic influences and light instillations that certainly have the wow factor! A fantastic contrast to the rustic whiskey pubs and Irish traditional music scene in the scenic culture city, the g hotel is only a stones through from the bustling Eyre Square were the best restaurants and Irish pubs are all located.The spa and pool will melt away the aches and pains of guided hill walks in the stunning Connemara landscape or cycle tours of the nearby beautiful Aran Islands.


4. Ice House Hotel, Mayo

The river suite of this historical but contemporary designed hotel is so beautiful one can stare out the floor-to-ceiling windows all day. The spa is small but who can complain when you are sitting in an outdoor hot tub in a light mist, overlooking the river. So relaxing and special. The view of the river and birds and boats is very special. It feels like a secret, stylish getaway (in an unexpected location) and you still manage to feel close to nature.


The new glass addition complements the historical original part of the building and cleverly opens the boutique hotel out into the ever-changing river Moy views. The restaurant, serving fantastic locally produced food in a delicious and contemporary way, makes full advantage of the views of the nature that surrounds. Perfect for long slow dinners followed by an after dinner cocktail. A hidden gem in Ireland’s north west and a unique experience.

5. The Dean Hotel, Dublin

Funky, cool and quirky. The pop artist in you will love this luxury boutique city hotel. Developed by the Press Up Entertainment Group, which also operates U2′s Clarence Hotel, The Dean is an urbane and boldly-designed hotel that gives Dublin city’s boutique hotel scene a much-needed jolt.E

The location is fantastic, within lovely walking distance and lovely walks to all the high end shopping and best restaurants. This is a city stay that is a destination in itself. Surrounded by some of Dublin’s busiest bars and nightclubs, The Dean is not for the faint hearted or the seeker of tranquillity. However, inside the eclectically designed rooms you are a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of Dublin’s night life. The light-filled, higher floor bedrooms with dual-aspect looking out over Dublin rooftops and framed by city sky scenes. Included is a 50″ TV (with Netflix subscription), and a retro record player with a selection of classic vinyls to soundtrack your stay. This is not the place to come for a quiet rest of the head, so enjoy the music!


Source: Luxury Travel Blog