It’s not often that a small neighborhood hotel can become a trending tourist destination. Safari-themed Mustang Nero is the boutique hotel in Phra Khanong, Bangkok, that has transformed into a place that travelers want to visit, even just for a photograph.

Located just steps from the Phra Khanong BTS station, The Mustang Nero hotel is a buried treasure in the Phra Khanong soi or precinct. It’s not hard to spot this boutique hotel, with its three-floor building painted in black.

Even so, the simplistic exterior does not match up with the interior, which charms its guest upon the entrance. Vintage appliances, large tropical plants, and odd choices of decorations add a peculiar, yet mystic atmosphere to the cozy lobby space. The shaded lobby is a literal jungle, enveloped with giant plants and animal taxidermy.

The hotel consists of ten rooms, each overflowing with native plants along the building’s original scored wood paneling. The doors of each room are marked by a sign that indicates the animal spirit inside including, the Dragon, the Zebra, the Flamingo, and the Wolf.

The décor is kept minimal, blending the design with vintage furniture to create a raw and industrial aesthetic. Plants and chairs are used to fill the bedrooms, which keep the overall hotel design coherent. Other bedrooms donned pink and navy walls besides green velvet chairs. The hotel is like a museum, meticulously designed and staged with an intermix of colors and vintage ornaments.

Breakfasts feature homemade jams, organic vegetables, and artisan ingredients, prepared by Khun Joy, former set designer turned owner and chef at Mustang Nero.

Although nestled quite far from the Bangkok city center at Pathum Wan, there is plenty to see and do in the neighborhood, including the ‘Soho’ of Bangkok, Hof Art Space, the Naiipa Art Complex and the EM shopping malls.

Mustang Nero is Bangkok’s version of a mystic artist loft, tailored for creative professionals and those who have the urge to live among unique things.

 Source: Airbnb

Yoga on the beach anyone? Agent Chris Cortazzo is betting Malibu, Calif.’s famed yoga, surfing, flip-flop culture will entice a deep-pocked buyer to pony up for a new construction he is listing there. “Our lifestyle is outside. You could be in London and have a beautiful place, but if you can’t just be outdoors in a t-shirt and flip-flops, it’s a whole different lifestyle,” says Cortazzo of Coldwell Banker. “There’s sophistication to it, but also a casualness.”
Not casual? The home’s $57.5 million price tag.
The median sale price for a single-family home in Malibu was $2.8 million in the first quarter of 2017, according to appraiser Miller Samuel, up 14.3% year-over-year. Sales volume was up 20%, while inventory was flat. The local average price per square foot was $1,061.


At over 8,000 square-feet, the home is near three times the size of the typical home build in America today. However, it is small for the price tag. At more than $7,000 per square foot, the home is asking more than five times the local average for homes sold and 50% higher than the per square foot price of the most expensive Malibu sale for which that figure is known.
Such sky-high per square foot asks are more common in Manhattan, where the average is $1,778 but the top 10% of the market averages $3,157. Manhattan’s highest price ever achieved–$100.47 million for a 10,923 square foot penthouse–worked out to about $9,200 a square foot.

Malibu’s highest ever sale closed in early May, when billionaire David Geffen sold a compound on the opposite side of town for $85 million. Public records do not show that home’s size either. The previous record, set in 2013, was $75 million. At about 20,000 square feet, that home went for $3,750 a square foot.


The ask is high, but the never-lived in home is a beauty.
The build was completed last year and the Cape Cod-inspired compound hit the market in January. The main home has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and one half-bath. A separate guest house has an additional bedroom and bathroom. Situated on 1.72 acres the home boasts panoramic ocean views and beach access. There’s also a 70 by 25 foot pool and an outdoor pizza kitchen. “It’s just completely luxurious, and it’s ready to have a large party,” says Cortazzo.
Public records shield the identity of the owner of 33740 Pacific Coast Hwy. Cortazzo will not disclose the owner, but says it was built to sell. The current owner bought the property from Marta Kauffman, co-creator of the sitcom “Friends,” in 2007 for $10.7 million.
There are at least three more expensive properties publicly on the market in the beach-enclave right now. One house, located less than a mile away at 33218 Pacific Coast Hwy, is asking $60 million. A vacant plot is also asking $60 million. And a newly constructed modernist mansion recently listed for $80 million.


Cortazzo thinks Malibu is just getting started, “I’ve never been so busy. I think people are understanding the value of Malibu, the lifestyle that Malibu has to offer, and it is really exciting to see it kick in.” He claims buyers who in the past would have bought in the Hamptons–New Yorkers’ favorite high-end beach getaway–are now looking to Malibu.
Jonathan Miller, CEO of Miller Samuel offers a different perspective: “Is Malibu having a moment? I feel like what it is doing is benefiting from some of what we are seeing at the high end of the market [nationally]. We are seeing more sellers becoming in sync with market conditions which leads to more sales.”


This international team of eclectic architects and designers turn architecture into art and give clients, ideal movie style homes, unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

They think out of the box, bring new meaning to the word ‘wow” and have developed a luxury name on a par with any super yacht designer. It could be a minimalist house in England, a tropical villa in the West Indies or a modern luxury super home in California. If you seek the best, then Asetti are the designers to provide it.

‘They bring new meaning to the word “wow”.’

Founded by international luxury designer Chris Clayton, Asetti has a wonderful new addition, with a new partner and senior architect in the way of legend Arthur Dyson.  One of the only architects to have been under the tutelage of legendary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, gaining further recognition with 200 architectural awards including the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Presidential Award (2006) and The Lifetime Achievement Award (2014). With Arthur’s unsurpassed experience and Chris’s exceptional creative abilities, Asetti are the perfect dream team.

International luxury designer Chris Clayton

Partner and senior architect in the way of legend Arthur Dyson

Asetti Ethos

They share a common goal and that is to create stylish homes of worldwide significance, genuine beauty and timeless luxury. To bestow upon the client a unique work of art and a beautiful home, they love to live in; a luxury home that was created with loving care and dedication to perfection. The clients see it, they feel it and they know it. It is an Asetti design and a design that only Asetti can create. This is the ethos of Asetti.

Here are just a few of their spectacular new designs. You can see more at their web site www.asetti.com

Atlantis by Asetti

Recent super house designs include the amazing ‘Atlantis’. An incredible 5,000 sqm (53,819.55 sq.ft) luxury super home. Briana James in the Premier Luxury Lifestyle Magazine ‘Dolce Vita Diamond’, called it the most beautiful house design in the world today. It comes with 10 Presidential suites, a boat dock under the home and a whole myriad of luxury features. Simply overflows with the ‘wow’ factor.




Luna by Asetti

‘Luna’ is one of their most recent and available as a design for the discerning client looking for that extra something special. Originally conceived, as a hill top home overlooking Los Angeles. Striking, modern and extremely cool this home is the ideal pad for those who seek a fashionable lifestyle and a fabulous place to call home.


Utopia by Asetti – The James Bond House, as it has fondly referred to by many.


What makes Asetti’s designs so fascinating is the depth to which they research and craft the end result. The passion and imagination that goes into each one is mind blowing. You are not only getting a unique architectural design, but one that pushes the levels to whole new artistic heights. They literally have, taken home design, turned the industry on its head and created a whole new level of luxury lifestyle. By doing this, they have turned architecture into art and invented the super home.

Eden by Asetti – Inspired by a tropical paradise location and the fabulous home seen in the 1960’s TV show, Thunderbirds.


Arthur’s Stunning ‘Hilton Residence’ in Florida, is one of the truly great examples of organic design in the world today. Photographs courtesy of David Swann.


Eclipse by Asetti


The Lake House by Asetti


If you fancy living a unique luxury lifestyle or would like a dream home to match the yacht, then you can contact Asetti via their website www.asetti.com

Source: Luxury News Online

0000367779Exterior of 1,3 Pollock’s Path at The Peak, which just sold for HK$2.8 billion. Photo: Xiaomei Chen

Yeung Kin-man, whose private company Biel Crystal Manufactory makes screens for two out of every three iPhones sold in the world, has paid HK$2.8 billion (US$361 million) for a luxury home on The Peak, in a purchase that underscores how Hong Kong’s uber wealthy continue to defy the city’s market-cooling measures.

A property at No. 1 & 3 Pollock’s Path, measuring 51,000 square feet, was sold Thursday to a company called High Grand Development, according to Land Registry data. High Grand is owned by Yeung and his wife Lam Wai-ying, government data shows.

The couple are ranked eighth among Hong Kong’s 50 wealthiest people, with a combined net worth estimated at US$8.4 billion as of January, according to Forbes’ latest list of wealthy individuals and families in the city.

“The low-profile billionaire plans to build a big house for his family to live in,” said Raymond Lee, the chief executive of Savills Greater China, who brokered the sale.

Yeung will get a HK$721 million refund on a stamp duty on his property, because he’s aiming to redevelop it, Lee said. A tax of 4.25 per cent, or HK$119 million, will still be liable, Lee said.

The purchase puts the per square foot price at HK$109, 571 on the house, which can be rebuilt into a maximum of 25,554 sq ft, according to land rules. Yeung may probably pay an additional HK$20,000 per sq ft to redevelop, Lee said.


Hong Kong’s investment market has cooled in recent months, following a government ban on foreign real estate investments exceeding US$1 billion. The government also imposed a standardised 15 per cent stamp duty on second home purchases in the city on November 5 to cool the market.

China’s government had also imposed a series of administrative measures making it much harder to remit funds from mainland China offshore, to stem a capital flight and restore the value of the renminbi.

Amid the 7 per cent slide in the renminbi’s value last year, fixed assets such as real estate have become the preferred storage of value for the uber wealthy.

“Super luxury properties are still sought after by the very affluent families in Hong Kong and other countries,” said Lee.

Edwin Leong Siu-hung, the founder of Tai Hung Fai Enterprise and Hong Kong’s 17th-wealthiest businessman of 2016, paid a total of HK$1.22 billion for three units of the Mount Nicholson apartments at The Peak, making it Asia’s most expensive apartment sale.

A Hong Kong native, Yeung started producing crystals for watches in the city in 1986, opening Biel’s first mainland China factory in Shenzhen in 1988, Forbes said. Yeung could not be reached to comment.

The company employs more than 100,000 workers on the mainland, with a second manufacturing plant in Huizhou in Guangdong province.

From watch crystals, Biel switched to producing glass screens for cellular phones, securing Motorola Inc as its first major customer in 2003.

Source: South China Morning Post