World’s most expensive spas: from detox facials to water treatments

PUBLISHED ON Jul 16, 2019

Thinking of pampering yourself at the world’s most expensive spa?

While most of us work a 9 to 5 schedule, time to decompress, detox or escape the routine living is essential for a 20th-century lifestyle. Leading luxury or exclusive hoteliers around the world offer a range of spa treatments for their visitors. From detox facials to water treatments, there is a treatment for everyone. Some leading spa brands even offer treatments that are out of the imagined. We have handpicked for you, the five most expensive spas in the world.

At five: Trump Hotel Heated Diamond Chakra Massage

We have all heard of hot stone massages, but Trump Hotel is known for the luxury counterpart of this classic. Diamonds replaces the hot stones, which are first warmed then gently applied to chakra points, circular vortexes of energy in the body, by a personal therapist to absorb negative energy from the body. The 300 USD treatment is said to leave visitors feeling peaceful, calm and soothed.

At four: Waldorf Chicago Elysian Cleanse

The Elysian Cleanse at the Waldorf Chicago is a water-therapy-inspired treatment priced at 400 USD. The full-body treatment consists of a marine mineral rejuvenation and a seaweed wrap followed by a deep tissue massage. The treatment is described as a ‘calming cocoon’ that exfoliates and renews the skin, leaving a healthy glow from top to toe.

At three: Caviar & Gold Facial

This LA-based clinic will have its visitors covered in some of the most expensive things in the world. At 1,200 USD per treatment, chilled caviar is mixed with nutrient-rich plant extracts, platinum and 24 karat gold. The mixture is applied to the skin like a mask to help reduce the appearance of facial lines, age spots and help improve skin complexions.

At two: 20 Hands Duo Massage at Grand Wailea Hotel

Grand Wailea Hotel’s signature treatment may be one of the most opulent treatments yet found. Visitors will be paired with 10 therapists for two and a half hours with each therapist assigned to a specific part of the body. The treatment costs 2,000 USD which will focus on a number of pressure points while 100 fingers dancing around your body, leaving the visitors feeling rejuvenated.

At one: Hotel Viktor Miami Beach Evian Bath

The Evian Bath is the most expensive spa in the world at Miami’s Hotel Viktor, which has attracted spa enthusiasts and celebrities to the hotel for a full day of pamper. At 5,000 USD, guests are plunged into an infinity-edge bathtub filled with 1,000 liters of Evian water and floral blooms after a 2-hour long spa service. The package also includes a range of gourmet delicacies prepared by the head chef, to enhance the relaxing experience. The served items include lollipops made of smoked salmon and the hotel’s famous Seven Sins of Chocolate medley.