PUBLISHED ON Oct 26, 2016

Designer Jonathan Schwinge has created a conceptual super yacht named Tetra with a pyramid-shaped body that’s designed to lift itself above the water at high speeds.  This futuristic yacht gets its name Tetra from its unconventional tetrahedron shape, making its appearance unlike any other yacht concept thus far.

The yachts hovering like presence would be formed by a “hydrofoil small waterplane area ship” a (HYSWAS) hull.  Hydrofoil vessels have hulls fitted with shaped vanes (commonly called foils) underneath, which brings the hull out of the water at travelling speed, allowing the vessel to move faster by reducing drag on the waters surface.  Jonathan Schwinge said “The design is instigated by the re-thinking of the form, superstructure and propulsion of the modern superyacht into a radically simple enclosure and an elevated mode of travel above the water line.”


Utilizing the same fundamentals, the Tetra would travel using three hulls on its underside at low speeds.  Once it picks up momentum, a torpedo-shaped strut would expand downwards – to help in bringing the yacht out of the water using its rotating side-mounted adjustable foils.  “The concept design of this HYSWAS craft is based upon an existing hull design that has been developed by several companies, notably the Maritime Applied Physics Corporation in America, and has been proven by their technology demonstrator – The Quest – in 1995,” said Schwinge.

The yacht could provide a smoother ride in stormy ocean conditions when its out of the water, according to the designer.  When docked, portions of Tetra’s three sides would fold down to become enlarged deck areas and the horizontal panels could emerge overhead to provide sun shades.

The yacht would use Carbon Fibre and stainless steel for the superstructure making it lighter and giving it more strength compared to most traditional yachts, which have heavy and difficult to maneuver bodies.  The concept would be able to accommodate six passengers and four crew members.  Presently we are not sure whether the design would be realized or not, but it is a very interesting concept to say the least.

Source: The Extravagant