Stay in a glass box over the Arctic Sea in Norway

PUBLISHED ON Mar 5, 2019

For those looking for a new Arctic experience, luxury adventure travel experts at Off the Map Travel have launched the chance to stay in cantilevered cabins hanging over the seas of Northern Norway.

The new experience, based at the Manshausen cabins, offers a perfect opportunity for visitors to experience the region in both the Arctic summer under the Midnight Sun, and winter to enjoy the Northern Lights through floor to ceiling windows looking out over the Steigen Archipelago from the luxury and comfort of the cabins.

“Whatever season, the cabins give you a direct connection with the wilderness of this spectacular region,” says Jonny Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel. “There is no better way to feel a part of Northern Norway than watching the spectacular views and wildlife, from your front row seat.”

As the 55-acre private island is home to the continent’s largest colony of sea eagles, and the fjords are teaming with marine life, guests are sure to be in the best spot to connect with nature.

The seven cabins, three of which jut out over the water, were the brainchild of polar explorer Børge Ousland, the first person to reach the North Pole in a solo and unsupported expedition. His vision was to create a space for exploring the harmony between people and nature. Through a strong emphasis of natural materials, the cabins deliver a modern home, yet equally feel as though they have grown from the earth on which they are sat.

“Manshausen had several owners until I bought the island in 2010. What I fell in love with is the nature, protected islands, islets, beaches, high mountains, midnight sun in the summer and northern light in the winter,” adds Børge. “My background is polar exploration and being relatively active throughout my life a lot of what I like to do can be done here.”

The clean lines and natural design have since seen Manshausen’s cabin designer, Snorre Stinessen, win several prizes at the Architizer A+Awards in New York for the island’s cabins. Constructed, and assembled on site, the prefabricated structures were designed to limit the impact on the pristine environment and highlight the beauty of the landscape.

It is Børge’s ambition to be climate neutral within five years working with local producers for ingredients and award-winning chef Astrid Regine Nässlander.

The island also boats a restored 18th-century farmhouse, converted into an open kitchen and dining lounge for guests with an expedition library stocked with books from Borges’ personal collection. There are also two relaxing hot tubs, a salt water pool and a private beach along with endless wilderness for adventure.

The cabins have inspired two new itineraries from Arctic experts at Off the Map Travel which in the summer includes snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters, rock climbing, hiking, a sailing adventure with optional fishing; whilst on the winter itinerary guests can embark on sea kayaking, snowshoe hikes, Northern Lights hunting from a hot tub, and the chance to explore the Resshola Cave.

“The beauty of Manshausen Island is that it receives less attention than the neighboring Lofoten Islands, yet it is just as stunning. It is the perfect destination to get off the beaten track for an authentic Northern Norway experience,” adds Jonny Cooper founder of Off the Map Travel. “If you are looking for the next travel gem, this is it – but we’d recommend getting there soon before the word gets out.”

Off the Map Travel offer both summer and winter itineraries. Although every itinerary can be personalised, the 4-day 3-night Manshausen Island Adventure itinerary, available from April to September, costs from £1495 per person, based on 2 adults travelling on a B&B basis. This includes boat transfers to the Island, accommodation at the Manshausen cabins, snorkeling, rock climbing, hiking, sailing with fishing. Not including flights.

Source: Luxury Lifestyle Magazine