2019’s most luxurious designer sphere table lamps

PUBLISHED ON Dec 4, 2019

The sphere lamp is a timeless and versatile option that can fit into any types of home. It’s a mesmerizing addition that captures the eye, with its perfect symmetry and even distribution of light.

The Dipping Light

Back in February 2019, London-based designer Jordi Canudas debuted a colorful lighting series at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Named the Dipping Light, a sphere lamp dipped in semi-translucent paint is set onto a matte brass cylinder. Completely handmade, the gradient lamps come in two sizes with six different colors and can captivate just about any types of space with their unique colors. The shades of paint sift the light when on, creating a playful ambient effect. When off, the colored sphere is an eye catching décor that adds personality to the home.

Several months later, Canudas continued the story of the Dipping Light. The lamp was transformed into a series of portable lamp, suspension lamp and wall lamp, to bridge between the possibility of having the lamp lit multiple types of space. The suspension lamp makes a mesmerizing visual effect, and takes center stage of an overall interior composition.


Designed by Michael Anastassiades at FLOS, the IC collection is a sphere lamp typified by an orb of light positioned along the minimal lines of the frame. The orb touches the frame at one single point, seemingly floating along the line. The original collection is designed with chrome steel but the Black Edition finished in matte black enhance the bolder lines of the frame. Included in the Black Edition are not only table lamps, but floor lamps, wall lamps and a hanging pendant version of the IC collection.

The sphere lamp comes in various compositions. All have kept to their minimal design and the spherical lamps diffuse a warm and even glow. The IC Collection operates as well as a sculpture inside a space as it does a fully functional light. The sharp angles of the frame coupled with the smooth sphere does balance. You can also get the perfect level of lighting with its dimmer feature.

Vetro Table Lamp

Desgined by the in-house team at MADE Studio, Vetro is simple and elegant. A frosted opal glass globe is fitted on a glossy finish at a tilted angle. There is a striking contrast between the base and the off-white globe.

The table lamp comes in the original black, matte opal, peacock green and dusty pink. The latest editions include two new designs with the base in white marble and black marble. The unusual shape gives off a unique charm, perfect for a side table or along a drawer. The bulb exudes a warm soft glow. The lamp is a bit retro, a type of reminiscent of the style icons of the 60s.

The Sphere

The Sphere, designed by the in-house team at Heal’s, is inspired by the intricacies of Japanese design and illustration. The Sphere table light is hand-blown and hand-finished with a graceful swirl pattern on both the shade and base. Made from opal glass, the subtle geometric pattern is revealed through a matte frosted surface upon illumination. As a dual-source lamp, the user can choose to illuminate the top, the bottom or both simultaneously.

The combination exudes a warm and bright glow in the space. A pattern of shadows and light is formed from its swirl pattern when turned on, creating this zen-like effect when you look closely.