Shanghai’s Jiyu Spa frees the physical mind

PUBLISHED ON Jan 10, 2020

If the mission of a spa is to create a memorable and rejuvenating experience, Shanghai’s Jiyu Spa brings exceptional beauty, peace and an immersive experience into a broader perspective.

Shanghai-based Hip-pop design team, has visually transformed Freud’s idea into a design inspiration. The Jiyu Spa targets the hidden unconscious mind to feel and enjoy the current moment, not over-analyzing what the mind sees.

The experience is an instant fantasy. Visitors are immersed in peaceful projections of the natural world, where a blurred LED screen plays the cascading movement of a waterfall and slow blooming motions of a young flower. Bonsai trees and waterfalls create a dreamy effect contrasted by futuristic LED-lit glass panels.

To add, this dreamy space is a transformation of a four-dimensional direction of time and space. Creative visuals and a harmonic background music are components to a poetic device to slow the restless. Reflective glass boxes and transparent panels extending outwards from the space, blur the line between reality and the imagined. A play on light and dark is the second poetic device. Shadows appearing over the light reflected off the glossy floors create a visual space capable to capture the unconscious mind. Rooms switching from light to dark and vice versa is a proposition of means to rejuvenate and pays tribute to the fore-coming designs of future wellness spaces.

The euphoric experience brought on by Hip-pop is an escape from the city upbringings of Shanghai. The team places visitors away from the routine life. Jiyu sets an unconventional example using principles of time and space. The design brings a new perspective that a spa is not solely an immersive experience for the physical body, but for the emotional mind.

Source: QUAD