Luxury wall mounted night stands designed for the home

PUBLISHED ON Jan 6, 2019

Floating night stands are designers’ space saving secrets. In today’s compact homes, millennial homeowners often elevate their furniture, not only to trick the eye by freeing up visual space, but to make floor space for extra storage.

Magically floating night stands beside the bed could make a large difference in creating an emptier space. While a sideboard may be the solution to an confined bedroom, well-designed wall-mounted nightstands are equipped with aesthetics to create a more refined theme in the bedroom.

Alba Beside Shelf

Designed by Spanish Woodendot, Alba is a modular wall shelf compacted with hidden storage spaces. Made from just three pieces of plywood, with a multitude of shapes and colors available, the vertical piece is arranged with a separation between the wall and the second vertical piece up front for storage space. There also a hole in the base piece to hide any hanging cables. Much like a sculptural creation, the final matte creation can be displayed in up to eight different configurations.

Urbansize Floating Bedside Table

Urbansize’s floating night stand has one single drawer and a shelf below for storage of books, magazines or any other flat items. Clean and minimal, the shelf can really help to de-clutter the bedroom space. The piece also sells in other colors including gray, and a lacquered white. The furniture retailer also features similar options without the extra shelf below.

Heart Vessel Floating Night Stand

This custom made beside floating shelf is 100% handmade and assembled. A piece of natural oakwood as the drawer piece is paired with white matte pieces. The imperfection of the wooden piece makes a great focal point to the bedroom. The shelf can be customized into a two layer piece. With a wider platform, the top can display a plant and a lamp together, yet still have space to hide the extra clutter in the drawers.

Open Box Shelf

An open box floating nightstand has a flat top to place a few things and a storage space for any larger items. Better yet, stack two together and create a large floating space. The shelf is additionally easy to DIY and gives a minimalist and Scandinavian look to the bedroom.

Source: QUAD