Extraordinary homes that go underwater

PUBLISHED ON Aug 6, 2019

For some, the most expensive elements of their homes are rather underwater. Extraordinary home aquariums are now the trendiest additions to million-dollar-homes.

Home aquariums add a sense of relaxation to a living space. It’s an art piece, merging indoors and outdoors together to create a vibrant homescape.

For marine lovers, having a small tank with a few fish can really make a difference in the home. For those who are also billionaires, they prefer a stunning, usually quite large, home aquarium that can host the most exotic tropical fishes ever found. We’ve rounded up the world’s most extraordinary home aquariums that sure do have a wow factor.

Kolenik’s sensational kitchen island is a giant fish tank that resonates in blue lights.  This dazzling addition to the kitchen is not only quite a view, but functional, with cabinets and drawers hidden on the back of the aquarium. To be exact, there’s also stoves and a sink embedded into the counter top, making it the ultimate kitchen gadget. Kolenik has integrated storage and asthetics seamlessly in this kitchen island design.

If an aquarium kitchen island is not large enough, an aquarium fence is determined to take your breath away. Spanning 50 meters around a home of a Turkish billionaire, this one of a kind fence has been a sensation in town, besides setting a new tourist attraction in Cesme. There are over 100 sea breams, eels and octopuses circling around the fence, which sometimes, attracts over 1,000 tourists per day. One thing we’re sure of, the owner will never go hungry.

A more modern, and less over the top option goes to Aquarium Architect’s Space-age aquarium. At 4 meters wide, the miniature aquatic center is sleek and impressively futuristic. The curved tank and dark backdrop adds contrast to the colors and life brought by the fish. The result is a striking wall feature that replaces a traditional art piece on the wall.

If a glass staircase doesn’t already add to a statement home, imagine adding a floor to ceiling home aquarium in the center of a spiraling glass staircase. BWNCY has designed a oceanarium design standard fish tank for a townhouse in London, UK. At two floors high, the aquarium has probably revolutionized the definition of a home aquarium to now, an home oceanarium.

The most extraordinary home aquariums on the list goes to RedFin Aquarium Design’s concept of an aquarium-encased dining area, fit for royalty. The circular aquarium featuring pristine blue waters and topical fishes could be a vibrant canvas for a watch-party during dinner. They say aquariums create a window to bring nature close to home and is a form of meditation, but we wonder how meditation would work along with dinner?

Source: Trend Talker