Aston Martin’s Lagonda Vision. Ultra-Luxury from In to Out.

PUBLISHED ON Mar 21, 2018

Unveiled last week was Aston Martin’s newest concept car, the Lagonda Vision. The concept shouts ultra—luxury. The super car will be also a partnership with an undisclosed tech giant from the Silicon Valley, marking a new era of automotive technology.

Lagonda has long been a trademark for luxury automotive, founded in England in 1907. Now owned by Aston Martin, the luxury car marque has opted out from the traditional combustion-engine and the Lagonda Vision will be the brand’s first electric car and a spin-off to the traditional Aston Martin lineage. It will reinterpret the definition of the ever-evolving automotive design as a three-dimensional model compromising horsepower, bold curves and an interior luxury to its riders.


The exterior is a daring design while the interior is a material glamor. Sprayed black, the glass front sweeps backwards like a gentleman into an edgy beltline. Seats have ditched the traditional leather lining and opted for carbon fiber, cashmere and silk. The traditional luxury uses glossed wood trims: here, the winged doors are plated with white ceramic tiles deployed to control ventilation and music volume, which lights up neon blue in the dark. The bold design sparks age of Tron.

Aimed at ultra-high net worth individuals, elites of Silicon Valley, the Lagonda Vision is for those who want something extraordinary. “These are the people who are already buying the most expensive Tesla with every option box ticked,” said Palmer. “These are people who we don’t see today in the high-luxury segment; they want something different.”

The Lagonda Vision will be a direct rival to the traditional old-world luxury marques of Bentley and Rolls-Royce. It is a futuristic alternative that embrace modern technology and efficiency and a cutting edge automotive design like no other.




Source: Aston Martin, Architecture Digest