PUBLISHED ON Oct 6, 2016

The Upper East Side is synonymous with old money and classic New York. Extending from Fifth Avenue and the border of Central Park to the East River, life between East 59th and 96th streets in Manhattan’s fashionable Upper East Side is sleek, chic, and classic. With easy access to fine restaurants, art galleries, gourmet food shops and marvelous shopping destinations on Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue, along with the famed Plaza Hotel and the beautiful urban oasis of Central Park, Upper East Side is the sophisticated neighborhood for the posh. Museum Mile housing the renowned The Metropolitan Museum of Art and many others is a culture hub that draws crowds from around the city and the world.

The Upper East Side includes some of the most luxurious properties in the world, with landmarked brownstones lining the prime residential streets between the avenues. Famous American families including the Roosevelts and Kennedys, have called this area home and left behind stunning architecture and most elegant historic and prewar homes. Loved by families, the Upper East Side offers prestigious private schools, safe streets, countless playgrounds and the plentiful greenery. With tons of restaurants, bars, cafes, schools, supermarkets, libraries and cultural sites, there’re always reasons to stay. Average residential property price per sq. ft. is around US$1,400 in Upper East Side.