World’s most expensive spas: from detox facials to water treatments

PUBLISHED ON Jul 16, 2019

Thinking of pampering yourself at the world’s most expensive spa? While most of us work a 9 to 5 schedule, time to decompress, detox or escape the routine living is essential for a 20th-century lifestyle. Leading luxury or exclusive hoteliers around the world offer a range of spa treatments for their visitors. From detox facials […]

World’s most expensive food: the white gold caviar

PUBLISHED ON Jun 28, 2019

The white gold caviar is the most scrumptious foods of all. And the most expensive. For Ashton Hawks‘ clients, who are among the population of luxury spenders, here is your daily dose of luxury. These salty treats are favorites of Michelin chefs. Revered and relished by aristocrats and the wealthy across the globe, some say […]

The top 10 luxury brands across the world

PUBLISHED ON Jun 18, 2019

Global luxury brands continue to soar in sales revenue as new brands struggle to make a name on the market today. A new study by Deloitte places Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and Estee Lauder into the top 10 brands. They aggregated about US$247 billion of revenue in 2017.  Big businesses know how to attract young […]

10 wines to have on your investment list

PUBLISHED ON Jun 11, 2019

Wine investments are some of the most lucrative these days. Property investments give big capital gains. But buying wines is like investing in a startup: you need 10 years of runway to see significant returns. Here are the top 10 editor picks of wines to have on your wine investments list. 2000 Ch. Mouton Rothschild, […]

And the winner of the biggest selling luxury watch brand is …

PUBLISHED ON May 31, 2019

And who is the biggest selling watch brand this year… Watch companies are notoriously secretive about their sales figures, meaning rankings haven’t always been crystal clear. Visual observation has long suggested Rolex as the default must-have for the wrist, with Omega and Tag Heuer often cited as the podium place-holders. Waiting lists for certain models also […]