Rolls-Royce Melbourne has revealed a special Wraith Black Badge at its Richmond showroom, showcasing the limitless personalisation options available in the British marque’s range.

Finished in Arctic White, the Wraith Black Badge features an array of black-accented exterior trimmings, including for the front splitter, window surrounds, and sports exhaust tips, dark chrome Spirit of Ecstasy and grille, along with dark-finished 21-inch carbon alloy wheels.

Inside, there’s a tri-colour scheme for the leather interior, combining Hotspur Red, Arctic White and black surfaces throughout the cabin. Keeping with the theme, there’s also a pair of bespoke Rolls-Royce umbrellas to match the interior colours.

The dashboard fascia is finished in aluminium thread woven into carbon-fibre, while the headliner is finished in black and features 1430 fibre-optic lights to create Rolls-Royce’s signature ‘starry night’ effect.

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Other fitted options include a bespoke audio system that offers “concert sound listening”, and embossed headrests for all four seats.

“The Black Badge is the ultimate expression of Rolls-Royce individuality,” said Michael Winkler, CEO of Zagame Automotive – which operates Rolls-Royce Melbourne.

“The Black Badge treatment juxtaposed on the Wraith’s Arctic White fastback body is a bold and confident statement. We created this car to shift perceptions of what people perceive Rolls-Royce to be.”

“This is a symbol of the new generation Rolls-Royce, showcasing the breadth of individualisation possible on models such as the Wraith which are bringing new customers to the brand” he added.

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Power comes from a 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 generating 465kW of power and 870Nm of torque, sent to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. Rolls-Royce claims a 0-100km/h sprint of 4.3 seconds – not bad for a 2.4-tonne luxury coupe.

The Arctic White Wraith Black Badge is available now at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Melbourne, priced at $885,500 drive-away.

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Source: CarAdvice

When one imagines the Scottish Highlands, most think of misty, windswept landscapes, rocky mountain ranges and of course, Scotch whisky. What people don’t know is that there were once Viking settlements in Orkney (home of famed whisky maker Highland Park) and the Shetland Islands, which were part of the Scandinavian kingdom until 1468.

Nearly the northernmost point in Scotland, Orkney is not the easiest place to live. The climate can be harsh, reaching only 16 degrees in the summer and lows of 2 degrees in the winter, in a place where few trees are left due to the wild winds. Home to one of the most remote whisky distilleries in the world, this landscape lends an “aromatic peat” that gives Highland Park whisky its distinctive, smoky-sweet flavour.

To honour their Viking heritage, and in a nod to the history and people of the Nordic region’s rugged climate and landscape, Highland Park is launching three of their latest whiskies in Hong Kong called The Light, The Dark and FULL VOLUME. At a recent press event, we found the easy-drinking single malt whiskies to be full of flavour and individual character.


The Light celebrates spring and summer in Orkney and was crafted in honour of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Considering the many long days of darkness in the area for the majority of the year, the summer solstice was considered a day to truly rejoice in Orkney during Viking times. A bit of a departure from the distinctive, deeper, full-bodied peaty whiskeys which Highland Park is known for, The Light was our favourite of the three for its approachable yet deceptively light, bright colour, with notes of vanilla, citrus, spice and honey. Aged 17 years in second-fill American oak casks, don’t let the light colour fool you, as it still delivers a whopping 52.9% ABV.


The Dark is a celebration of autumn and winter in Orkney and is a more typical representation of the typical Highland Park flavour profile. Also aged 17 years but in European oak sherry seasoned casks, you can taste the richness of the sherry ageing in the deep flavours and sweetness with notes of pear, nutmeg and vanilla. With a longer finish than The Light, this one also clocks in at 52.9% ABV, but the deliciously sweet tinge and sherry aromas balance out the high alcohol content.


For lovers of music and peaty whiskeys, FULL VOLUME offers both — a light, peaty aromatic whisky balanced with notes of cedar wood and tropical fruit including pineapple. Inspired by the skill and craftsmanship of music producers, Highland’s Master Whisky Maker Gordon Motion combined 481 individual cask types to create the ideal whisky flavour — similar to how a piece of music is made by balancing notes. With a finish of citrus, vanilla and some light smoke, this blend is 47.2% ABV but with an unexpectedly light and bright colour for the depth of the peat. Already available in Hong Kong in limited quantities (retail price is HK$784), it’s being re-released along with the others in this current launch.

For those who really want to live the experience and listen to the synergy of music while tasting the whisky, you can tune into the dedicated song written for FULL VOLUME. Inspired by old-fashioned guitar amplifiers, the packaging also features dials on the side to note the different measures of bourbon, peat, vanilla and fruit flavours which make it a fun gift for the whiskey lover in your life.

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While Japan’s bullet trains may be famed for their speed, there is a train in Japan that has garnered a more exclusive reputation. Demand is often so high for a trip on this luxury sleeper train – and space so limited – that prospective passengers often have to enter a lottery for tickets.

Upon boarding the Cruise Train Seven Stars at the busy Hakata Station in the city of Fukuoka, passengers step into another world. The train’s warm wooden interiors and classic design elements evoke another time.

“Everything is unique and custom-made for the train,” said Seven Stars’ 70-year-old designer, Eiji Mitooka. “From the seats, to the lighting, to the furniture, our theme was to mix elements like mandalas — drawing inspiration from East and West — to come up with something we’ve never seen.”

From delicate, handmade porcelain sinks to framed miniature paintings by Mitooka himself, which are hung along the corridors, no detail has been overlooked. In the lounge, a panel of “kumiko,” traditional Japanese woodwork, is backlit to showcase its intricate lattice patterns. A star motif is used throughout: the gold symbols adorn ceiling tiles, are carved into table lamps, and colored onto stained glass.

When Mitooka was first approached to design the train, he took inspiration from the Orient Express, but he wanted to create something that would resonate with older Japanese travelers, creating a sense of nostalgia.

“I think, for a long time, Japanese people believed the greatest journey was to travel to Europe or America; to experience different cultures, see the best things there, eat the best food there,” he said.

“But for those of us in our 50s, 60s and 70s, the most comfortable and relaxing journey is one where Japanese is spoken, we can enjoy Japanese food, served in the Japanese way. We can rediscover Japan.”

Source: CNN Style

There’s a new boat in town: Lexus has revealed it’s no longer just a luxury automaker. The move is part of the company’s larger vision to be a full-service purveyor of the luxurious lifestyle, one that doesn’t stop at owning nice cars. The original concept for the flagship boat, the Lexus Sport Yacht, was announced in 2017 as a concept vessel.

The majestic 13-metre (42-feet) fibre-glass body boasted two V8 engines and a 49-mph top speed, with room to charter up to eight guests. The concept won an award at the Japan International Boat Show last week where Toyota Motor Corp. took the opportunity to make an even greater splash by announcing that the Sport Yacht would receive also major upgrade.

Source: Hong Kong Tatler, Car TV

Mercedes-Benz is considering extending its ultra-luxury Maybach badge with a crossover, complete with a porcelain tea service embedded in a heatable ebony-wood tray, to take on high-end competitors such as Bentley’s sought-after Bentayga SUV.

Aimed squarely at billionaires perusing the Beijing auto show’s offerings this week, a concept model being displayed includes optional white nappa-leather lie-flat seats with massage and aroma-therapy functions. Mercedes isn’t commenting on when it’ll decide on offering the vehicle.

The car would help Mercedes catch up to Volkswagen AG’s U.K. car brand Bentley, whose $229,000 Bentayga is part of a money-spinning trend for high-seated models that’s prompted even Ferrari and Rolls-Royce to add sport-utility vehicles to their line-ups.


It’s “a totally new archetype, of a kind never seen before,” Gorden Wagener, chief design officer at Mercedes parent Daimler AG, said in a statement Tuesday in advance of the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

The crossover would add to Mercedes’s growing line of lucrative top-end vehicles, such as this year’s gas-guzzling AMG GT four-door coupe, as the world’s biggest luxury-car maker seeks revenue to finance its expensive shift to battery technology.

The concept being shown in Beijing features an electric drive with a 200-mile (320-kilometer) range. Mercedes declined to outline any plans for a battery vehicle for the Maybach sub-brand.

Chinese Demand

Putting a Maybach crossover into Chinese showrooms would tap into a ready audience for the nameplate. Buyers in the country have snapped up more than 60 percent of the 25,000 Maybach sedans that Mercedes has sold since rolling out the model in 2015. That version, currently priced at $168,600, is the company’s second effort to revive the 1930s-era name in a challenge to BMW AG’s Rolls-Royce brand. An earlier try in 2001 was dropped following almost a decade of losses.

In the past couple of years, Mercedes has unveiled attention-grabbing limited-edition Maybach derivatives, helping drive home the Stuttgart-based manufacturer’s luxury standing even as most of its customers drive an A-Class compact or C-Class sedan.

Just over a year ago, the carmaker presented the Mercedes-Maybach G50, with a limited run of just 99 vehicles. The world’s most expensive SUV at around $500,000, the full-size G50 is able to cross desert dunes powered by a V12 engine, and features a retractable, landaulet-style fabric roof in the back. Customers have also clamored for a 300,000-euro ($366,000) convertible with quilted seats and matching luggage. Mercedes only made 300 of the cars.

While Maybach represents a fraction of Mercedes’s total deliveries, which last year amounted to 2.4 million vehicles, boosting sales of high-earning models is a necessary counterbalance to ballooning spending that’s weighing on earnings. Daimler is investing 10 billion euros to create 10 electric vehicles by 2022. The new cars may generate only about half the profits earned by equivalent combustion-engine autos, the company said last year.

Source: Fortune

A Houston-based company said this week it plans to open the “first luxury hotel in space” by late 2021.

Orion Span’s compact Aurora Station – at 35ft-by-14ft its interior will be comparable to that of a Gulfstream jet, the company said – is projected to accommodate four travellers and two crew members for 12-day stays 200 miles above the earth. Guests will be charged $9.5m each, or about $791,666 a night. Refundable deposits of $80,000 can now be made online.

The founder Frank Bunger – described by his own company as “a serial entrepreneur and technology start-up executive” – told Bloomberg: “We want to get people into space because it’s the final frontier for our civilization.”

In a press release, Orion Span said it would take “what was historically a 24-month training regimen to prepare travellers to visit a space station and streamline it to three months, at a fraction of the cost”.


Customers would subsequently understand basic spaceflight, orbital mechanics and life in pressurized environments in space, the company said.

The company said travellers would then “enjoy the exhilaration of zero gravity…… gaze at the northern and southern aurora through the many windows, soar over their hometowns, take part in research experiments such as growing food while in orbit (which they can take home with them as the ultimate souvenir), revel in a virtual reality experience on the holodeck, and stay in touch or live stream with their loved ones back home via high-speed wireless internet access.”

They would also, it said, “be treated to a hero’s welcome home”.

Bunger said the project had been made possible in part because “almost every week, there’s another rocket-launch company that’s starting up with a new way to get to orbit cheaper, faster, better”.

Above: An illustration of the interior of the proposed ‘Aurora Station’.

A spokeswoman told Bloomberg the company was assessing potential funding sources but would not disclose how much it wanted to raise.

Orion Span would not be the first operation to offer rides into space. A number of wealthy travelers have flown to the International Space Station (ISS) with the Russian space programme – which said recently it too plans to open a “space hotel” in 2022.

Dennis Tito, an American businessman, took the first “space tourism” flight in 2001, visiting the ISS for a reported $20m. He was followed by, among others, the software entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth and the first female space tourist, Prodea Systems co-founder Anousheh Ansari. Charles Simonyi, a former Microsoft executive, has visited the space station twice.

“It is amazing how [the space station] appears from the blackness of the sky,” Simonyi said in 2007. “It was very, very dramatic. It was like a big stage set, a fantastic production of some incredible opera or modern play.”

Last year, the SpaceX founder Elon Musk said his company planned to send two private citizens on a trip around the moon. The pair had paid a “significant deposit”, he said.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon and the Virgin entrepreneur Richard Branson aim to give tourists short rides to the edge of space, about 60 miles up. Branson has reportedly signed up celebrities including Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Katy Perry to take the $250,000 ride.

Bunger, who announced his project at the Space 2.0 summit in San Jose, California, said Orion Span’s clients would be passionate about space and astronomical study.

“We’re not selling a ‘Hey let’s go to the beach’ equivalent in space,” he said. “We’re selling the experience of being an astronaut. You reckon that there are people who are willing to pay to have that experience.”

Source: The Guardian

Unveiled last week was Aston Martin’s newest concept car, the Lagonda Vision. The concept shouts ultra—luxury. The super car will be also a partnership with an undisclosed tech giant from the Silicon Valley, marking a new era of automotive technology.

Lagonda has long been a trademark for luxury automotive, founded in England in 1907. Now owned by Aston Martin, the luxury car marque has opted out from the traditional combustion-engine and the Lagonda Vision will be the brand’s first electric car and a spin-off to the traditional Aston Martin lineage. It will reinterpret the definition of the ever-evolving automotive design as a three-dimensional model compromising horsepower, bold curves and an interior luxury to its riders.


The exterior is a daring design while the interior is a material glamor. Sprayed black, the glass front sweeps backwards like a gentleman into an edgy beltline. Seats have ditched the traditional leather lining and opted for carbon fiber, cashmere and silk. The traditional luxury uses glossed wood trims: here, the winged doors are plated with white ceramic tiles deployed to control ventilation and music volume, which lights up neon blue in the dark. The bold design sparks age of Tron.

Aimed at ultra-high net worth individuals, elites of Silicon Valley, the Lagonda Vision is for those who want something extraordinary. “These are the people who are already buying the most expensive Tesla with every option box ticked,” said Palmer. “These are people who we don’t see today in the high-luxury segment; they want something different.”

The Lagonda Vision will be a direct rival to the traditional old-world luxury marques of Bentley and Rolls-Royce. It is a futuristic alternative that embrace modern technology and efficiency and a cutting edge automotive design like no other.




Source: Aston Martin, Architecture Digest





Versace meets old European in this extravaganza of polished marbled floors, glittering teardrop chandeliers, gold-plated windows and mirror-lined corridors. The Reverie Saigon welcomes its visitors into a universe of elegant luxury.

Towering high above the rest of the city, the Reverie Saigon is dubbed the most extravagant hotel in all of Vietnam and is the only property of The Leading Hotels of the World group in Ho Chi Minh City.


A lofty ambition, The Reverie Saigon sits at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City on the topmost floor of Times Square Building in District 1. The hotel’s grand debut in 2015, after 7 years of construction, is a catalyst towards the city’s finer luxury and is symbolic of Vietnam’s rapid development and urbanization. The Reverie Saigon transcends modern living to a palatial European splendor showcasing a dazzling collection of Italian branded furnishings and artwork throughout the entire complex. The hotel itself is most definitely a gallery of Italian haute designs.

Features of the swank rooms and crafty suites, the bar and an elegant spa retreat are expressions of the finest Italian artisan skills and design. The velvet bedding and noble designs create a homelike- extravagance. Nothing can top the hotel’s impeccable design, except by the vibrant night view of the city on the other side of the window.



As a pearl of Southeast Asia, The Reverie Saigon will allow its visitors to set foot into an exotic realm of European and Asian cuisine. Experience French flavors at the Café Cardinal, a romantic indulgence at Romeo and Juliet, contemporary Italian fusion at the Royal Pavilion and classic trattoria dining at The Long.

Relax at the Spa, which offers impeccable service to those who wish to retreat into sky-high glamour as soon as they step down the curvaceous staircase.

“There is only one Saigon, and there is only one Reverie – culminating in one of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic and colorful destinations. You’ve never seen or experienced Vietnam like this before…” – The Reverie Saigon.


The Reverie Saigon, Daily Mail, Luxury London, Space

What’s so special about this lavishly splendid mansion? Provided that we thought we have seen it all… How about a winding promenade carved from Brazilian teawood that takes you from the front entrance directly to the home’s upper level? If that’s not enough, let’s take a look at the man-made lagoon in which you can swim with the fish! If you love nature and have $29.5 million to spare, this Miami estate is perfect for you!

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Ever thought of owning a Lamborghini? Take a look at the rare Veneno Roadster, described by its maker as “an open racing prototype with an extreme design and breathtaking performance.” To paraphrase, it’s literally a street-legal rocket, with 750 horse power put at the disposal of the driver. Cost? $4.5M, and no wonder only 9 people in the world own it!

Source: CNBC